Nukes off the rack, ready to wear


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Jun 3, 2003
Nukes off the rack, ready to wear
Washington Post |
"Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. wondered aloud one day in 2002 whether someone could build an atomic weapon from parts available on the open market. His audience, the leaders of the government's nuclear laboratories, said it could be done... A few months later, they returned to the soundproof Senate meeting room with a workable nuclear weapon, missing only the fissile material... Less fissile material was secured in the two years after Sept. 11, 2001, than in the two years just before... Half the equipment dispatched to Russia nearly four years ago as a fast, interim solution remains in warehouses, uninstalled because of bureaucratic disputes... Basic security improvements have not been made at dozens of facilities in Russia, where more than 60 percent of the country's plutonium and weapons-grade uranium is kept, the General Accounting Office has warned. In a more recent report, the GAO said U.S. government facilities are also vulnerable to an increased risk of terrorism."