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Jun 9, 2003
I knew that it was possible to lose some length gains if you didnt keep up the routine but I didnt know you could could loose girth aswell. Im really gutted at the moment.
I started off with 6.25bpel x 4.5 and knowing I needed more girth I messed around with Penis Enlargement for a little while before deciding to take it seriously and get myself the length and girth I always wanted.
I decided I wanted the standard 9x6 and so invested in bib hanger and got myself into a real good girth routine. Within 1 month I got myself to 6.8bpel x 5 girth and I was over the moon. I really noticed the girth started to kick in, and some of the little crappy veins started getting pretty fat and pumped. I started getting pretty confident that If I carried on like that I would reach my girth target by christmas.
Problem is, due to a little problem called scabies I have had to take 2 week break so the bites could heal. I decided that before I started back I would check my measurements and inspect my dick. And lo and behold I am back down to 4.5 girth and my big pumping veins have gone back to being small and rubbish. I have managed to retain most of my length and am down to 6.7. Has this happened to anyone else. Im feeling really discouraged at the moment. I really hoping that there is something similar to muscle memory that will allow me penis to grow back where it was before, fairly easily.


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Jun 18, 2003
Go back to your routine as soon as you're able. Your gains probably were'nt "cemented" yet. You should be able to there again and beyond.


Jun 5, 2003
When you're actively working girth, there's always going to be some temporary gains due to swelling that will disappear if you take a couple of weeks off.

1 month isn't usually enough time to make permanent girth gains, but I'm sure you're on the right track. Length is a little more "reliable".

Good to hear you're over the scabies, now back to work!


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Jun 3, 2003
What happened is mentioned above ^^^^^ as you were new...most of that was than got ill and had time of so that swelling didnt have any time to cement into gains.

Dont worry man....just chalk it up to experience, get back into training and keep at it to cement them girth gains...I am on the verge of cementing some more girth myself..but If I get lazy or ill etc etc and stop now for weeks than all the weeks of work will be a waste ...or nearly a waste as the swelling could all go down.
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