not sure what this is called

Jun 9, 2003
not worried or anything,nor am i experiencing anything painful but this is new to me so i wanna ask.

the day before yesterday i finished up jelqing and noticed after i had applied the hotwrap that on the very tip of my penis,you know,where the actual "hole" is,there was a small blistering of some i say of some sort because it couldnt have actually been a blister as there wasnt any of the normal blistering pain or tonight i just finished up jelqing and again after the hotwrap it has done the same thing but a bit more almost positive it is normal from jelqing as it does seem like something that would occur after a good session.although i have never experienced this before.basicly it just looks like a slight bit of swelling or as i said blistery pain whatsoever though,whether i touch it or anything.any input on it ?:(
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