North Korea still reveres Kim Il Sung


Jun 3, 2003
North Korea still reveres Kim Il Sung
Moscow Times |
"[Grigory Mekler, formerly the top Soviet propaganda officer in Korea] vividly recalled the time he spent grooming [Kim Il Sung] to lead a country that has become one of the world's most authoritarian nations... In June 1997, TV Center showed a documentary about Kim Il Sung, for which the director, Leonid Mlechin, interviewed Mekler. Mlechin said that after the program aired, he and his family began receiving telephone threats from the North Korean Embassy in Moscow... 'If it goes on the air, you will end up in a morgue,' Mlechin recalled the man as saying. Mlechin and his family complained to the Foreign Ministry and left home. They returned a week later only after a deputy foreign minister called Mlechin to inform him that the ministry had expressed concern to the Korean ambassador. The calls then stopped, he said."

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