Nice Girls: Easy As 1, 2, 3


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Jun 3, 2003
Chapter V

An attractive, nice girl is a sensitive subject: She needs to be approached with a little finesse. Usually nice girls are the shy ones, and if you're an outgoing male with elements of style, a nice girl is probably going to put up a wall if she thinks that you're a typical male who's more interested in sex than anything else. So to get in on her, you need to come through her psychological back door.

The following technique, although scene specific, actually paints a good picture if you look at it as it applies to the whole. Bottomline, this is a technique to bring down a woman's walls.

The First Meeting:

The first time that you meet a girl (through friends or co-workers, for example) realize that you'll more than likely see her again at some point. So on this first meeting exercise some self-control and put the dog inside you in check. Control your eyes, control your posture - be professional - don't appear to be thinking of her in any way that's sexual. You're only talking to her because the two of you have mutual friends and it's the courteous thing to do. Don't spend too much time with her and don't ask for her phone number. (If she asks for yours, great.) Do remember her name and something about herself that she may have mentioned or that you picked up on.

The Second Meeting:

You'll score some bonus points with the girl if a period of more than a few days has gone by and you're able to remember her name. Keep in mind that this is a nice girl. What do we know about nice girls? They're usually in college or out of college, they don't drink much and they usually don't smoke, and when they were younger they may have been into reading romance novels. If you remember her name after only meeting her once, there's a good chance that she'll be mildly impressed. She's interested in a guy that can score points with her.

On this second meeting it's still important to be professional, but talk with her a while longer than you did the first meeting. Give her a little more attention. To avoid giving her the impression that you're full of yourself (like we all are), let her do most of the talking. ( * this is another true pimp technique, which has been discussed in both The Art of Being Smooth - The Seven Elements of Charisma and We Be Clubbin' - How to be a True Player.)

So in this second meeting, don't talk to her for too long, or give her too much attention, because she may expect you to ask for her phone number (which will make you look like a gimp when you don't). It's still too early.

The Third Meeting:

This time when you see her, don't even hesitate. Surprise her with a friendly hug. A professional hug. Definitely know her name. Definitely remember something about the last conversation the two of you had. Compliment her as if complimenting an old friend. In other words, don't be smooth and seductive: be cool and at ease. You can tell her now that she "looks good" without it seeming like a pick-up line. If she returns the compliment, YOU'RE IN.

Patience pays off. This girl has an untapped sexual side that you should be making your goal to bring out. Like women that are scandalous, she's also got her hot spots, it's just that she may not be aware of them - or she may be aware of them, but she's waiting for the right guy to bring them out. In her mind the right guy is a guy that is interested in her for who she is as a person, and not because she's got a great body that would be mad sex.

Throughout this three step process you're breaking down her walls, and once you've got her walls down it's up to you to then guide her in the direction you want to go. If this is your typical nice girl, she's probably got at least some elements of shyness to her. If you're going to ask her on a date you need to motivate her with some simple actions. For example, an effective way to ask for a girl's phone number (and at the same time break off the conversation) is to say something like, "I have to be somewhere in a little while - we should talk on the phone sometime." Immediately pay attention to her body language - if she looks interested and gives you a positive vibe , ask for her phone number. But if she looks bored and you think that she's only agreeing because it's the courteous thing to do, then don't.

Let's backtrack for a moment: If you know that you're definitely going to come into contact with this girl again, it's actually better at this point to lead her on by saying, "We should talk on the phone sometime," and then don't ask for her phone number. This is a basic move in the art of seduction, which is usually accomplished by acting interested in a person, and then throwing them off the scent by not acting interested. Then act interested. Then again act not so interested. In seduction, you are evoking the same emotional processes in a nice girl that you bring out in a scandalous ho when you play hard to get (which is a form of seduction). You're creating a psychological state of "mystery" and "challenge" - both of which women are known to be attracted to. Keep that in mind.
Sep 29, 2003
Great post DLD, these are the kinds of girls i go for, i find them more rewarding in a slow-burning long term kind of way.
Sep 29, 2003
That would be much appreciated DLD, i guess my theory is if i read enough of this stuff some will sink in for sure. I've had a long self-imposed dry stretch and am about to venture out in the quest for more pussy very soon :)

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