Oct 11, 2003
Ok, I'm sure alot of you have noticed just how big P.E. has become over the last several years. More web sites, more lame web sites, magic pills , articles in magazines, investors, dumb asses, and..what the hell, 14 year olds!?

I've been coming across it more and more lately, young kids, way too young to be in these forums looking to enlarge their penis. Well, of course I can remember being 14 wishing it was bigger. But because of this younger generation getting into this we can definitely expect more and more injuries heading in these forums, possible lawsuits from angry parents, maybe big gains from raging hormones, and of course maybe even one day find the one things that magically enlarges are dicks so every one else can do it... So should everybody including kids have the knowledge of doing this? I believe it was on the 🙈 forum a guy started a threat asking if he can teach his 10 year to enlarge his penis. This is just weird, some cultures I can except that, but not our culture. So what is to become of the next generation of P.E. and the young people that are doing it? Even 3 years from now, this means way more people doing it, more techniques, ideas, and of course injuries. Still there is alot of people that get aggravated and give up, don't have the time, injure themselves, or just plain can't gain.
Before too long my girl may just find out about it, not sure what she would think. I'm sure Playboy has articles about it, I don't know if they do, but she reads them. I have seen and heard about more and more articles in public magazines. I just don't know if I like the idea of young kids, the girls we date, and our next door neighbors knowing about it.
LOL. P.E. is just taking off in popularity.


Jun 29, 2003
It's good and bad. For the younger, they don't have to spend the better part of their life wishing they had a larger penis. The down side will be the average size will increase greatly leaving the people that don't know about Penis Enlargement or can't gain farther behind. It may also set up a whole new set of rejections, teasing, belittling by the young women. I wouldn't want to be young and in that position. The way it is going the average size will probably increase to 8" length and 6" girth in 20 years or so. Penis Enlargement assisted of course.


Well let's not turn this into another "Penis Enlargement going mainstream" thread LOL.

Younger guys doing Penis Enlargement is ok in my opinion. BUT, they need to be 18 I think. Younger than that and they are more likely on average to be overly anxious or excited and end up injured before enlarged.


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Jun 18, 2003
So what if they enlarge their dicks?

That still wouldn't mean they'd know what the fuck to do with them anyway...

Besides... kids younger than say... 17 (and I'm giving them A LOT of credit. Please, most kids are fuckin' blockheads, man.)

Yeah, kids younger than 17 just don't listen. They won't follow through on their exercises unless they are maybe just a tad brighter than the status quo. Maybe it'll be the fat kids who stay home and think a lot who'll be the best younger generation Penis Enlargement-ers coming up, who knows? Who cares?

Most of these knuckleheads can barely tie their shoes, let alone jelq correctly.

Imagine an entire generation of little misogynists growing up into the world.... all with huge angry phalluses tearing up girls left and right, without the least bit knowledge of self.

What a future...
Sep 12, 2003
finally somebody provides an image of a bleak future . . . unless i get to be in on all that business . . . :p


Nov 4, 2003
Originally posted by Godsize
Most of these knuckleheads can barely tie their shoes, let alone jelq correctly.
Hoho, that is so true dude. Sometimes people ask me for help with whatever (making them a gym schedule, helping them with their computers.) and they just will not listen and when hotmail changes their design on their pages and the kids can't find the compose and/or inbox button it's the end of the world, they don't even wan't to try to click the new buttons and see what happens(little off topic but you get it :)). So there must be something to what you're saying ;)


Oct 25, 2003
I'd hate to be 14 and everyone knowing about Penis Enlargement, it would be so much pressure, and when I would get bigger, I'd just be average size.


Jun 5, 2003
Widespread Penis Enlargement will never make the "average" 8 inches...
(1) Some men honestly don't care about it - at least not enough to work at enlarging it.
(2) Many men won't stick with it for the long haul (some of the lucky quick gainers would benefit, of course) - for example, it's taken me about 16 months to gain 1.4" BPenis EnlargementL. I'm not 8 yet, but I've honestly lost some motivation because I'm so close to it - not the burning desire I had before
(3) Not just "everybody" has the potential to hit 8 inches - period. Some guys are starting at 5" or less; in reality, they might NEVER hit 8", even after YEARS of Penis Enlargement.

But, some lucky bastards might get to 9-10" of course, so let's be realistic. But pushing the average to 8"????


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Jun 3, 2003
I belive any size is obtainable with hard-wrok, dedication, patience and time.
Most men dont have these attributes to succeed in this game.


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Dec 5, 2003
Nothing beats my bib , about 15lbs, my blakoe ring and my ball strectching weight, oh yea and my heat lamp!!!


Jun 15, 2003
It will never become mainstream just like pe surgery never has. Generally men arent really bothered about increasing penis size just like building big muscles; they are happy with what they've got.

It has taken me two years to gain an inch in length and girth of hourly sessions daily. Also taken me years to finally build some muscle. It takes commitment and extremely hard work for years. No time for other pursuits.

Most men take pe related articals with a pinch of salt like a joke read and many have commented they think its really sad that other men would stretch there penis to try and make it bigger.

They think we are insecure with demons lurking from past realtionships. Maybe I am insecure thats why I obsess about pe and lifting weights. These are my hobbies; other people enjoy cars, clubbing etc

My body is my hobby
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