Jun 7, 2004
Hey guys. I am very new to this sight and Penis Enlargement. In fact, this is my second day looking around. I am very excited and motivated by everything I have seen and by how supportive everyone is of each other. Kudos. I guess like a lot of folks on here I am taking after Supra, striving for the long thick dick and bull balls. I hope to get there soon. My goal is 7-7.5" flacid and 8.5 or so erect. I think it would be great to have a 10" dick but I gotta think realistically here. I mean, I dont want to be too big for the ladies. Starting out I am 7 erect and 5-5.5 flacid. How long do you think it will take to reach my goal? Wish I had learned about this when I was 16, but I guess 20's aint bad.

As far as getting bull balls... are the gains permenant? I mean, if you stop doing the exercises will the sac shrink and balls get smaller?

I guess that question goes for Penis Enlargement as well. How do you know when you can stop and keep what you have gained?

Any tips anyone can give me to get started would be great. Thanks in advance.



Hey welcome to the looney bin man! LOL

As far as BE geins being permanent, I think the jury may be out on that one. It is kinda a new topic in the Penis Enlargement world. But I'm no authority on that. Best to ask Supra.

Penis Enlargement is permanent ONCE YOU HAVE CEMENTED YOUR GAINS!! I can't stress that point enough. Many people freak out and quit once they hear that it is possible to lose gains if you take a break. The thing is, once you achieve a certain size, you have to keep Penis Enlargementing (most people say about 2-4 months I believe) until your gains are cemented. At that point, your gains are 100% permanent and you can quot Penis Enlargement and have no worries.

I'm sure that since you've looked at the site for 2 days you've seen the Newbie routine. That's definitely the place to start. Stay on that program for a month or 2 before you move on to anything more advanced. Your penis needs to grow accustomed to being worked or you might injure it. It's like if you had never exercised in your entire life and then hit some heavy squats right off the bat. Not a good situation, especially with your penis, ya know?

Good luck with it man. Always feel free to ask any questions.