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What's up all. Obviously new to the forums. I've been browsing around and I must say I'm a bit apprehensive. Does Penis Enlargement really work?!?!? I can only assume by reading alot of the threads that it does but I also know that you can't believe everything you read and I've read that there is NO way to enlarge your penis aside from extreme surgeries. Well I don't want to get flamed on my first post, just very curious and extremely excited if this turns out to be an actual possibility for me. Are we talking minute gains here like 1/8th of an inch or possibly something like going from a 6" to an 8"?? How long does the process take?

Well just wanted to say hello and get some actual feedback while I go dig through the newbie threads.

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Thanks for the welcome bro's...

As far as posting as a guest I don't know. This morning when I tried to log back in, it told me wrong username/password etc. So I tried to have my password emailed to me and it said my email didn't exist. I just re-registered with the same username/password/email and it's letting me log in now... Weird. ?:(

Looking at my original post, it now has a completely different user name. I dunno who "Alter" is... Somehow I guess I "hacked the Matrix".
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Welcome to MOS. Just grab that lubricant and get to work. This stuff works. No need for a surgery. Your hands are all the tools you need. Try that newbie routine. You are gonna start to like it when your first gains start to show. Good luck

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