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I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I'm new to this board, the link for which was e-mailed to me by a friend.

So there's no confusion, I am the same Jersey that was banned from Thunders this weekend (hence the reason my friend was kind enough to send an alternate link). I have nothing bad to say about Thunder's, or Thunder himself, so I hope this doesn't digress into anything negative. I posted something with no ill intent, but I can understand in retrospect why it might have been viewed that way if someone mistook the joke as serious, which led to the revocation of my membership . I decided to keep the same handle here because while I have no ill will towards anyone, neither do I think I have anything to be ashamed of either.

I've only been Penis Enlargementing for a little over a month. My starting stats were 7 1/8 length by 6 5/8ths girth (midshaft) and roughly 7 girth at base. My length has increased slightly in that time (roughly a 1/4 inch) but that measurement was taken immediately following exercises, and I'm going to stick with the original stat for now. After one more month at the newbie routine, with added clamping starting this week, I plan on measuring for accuracy after a few days rest. Don't want to get too caught up in gains right now so as to not get discouraged if nothing happens right away.

I have two immediate questions. First is there a seperate paysite (there seems to be from the thread above) and are payments to that seperate from the payments here? Also what does the paysite offer differently than this one.

Thanks in advance and hope to get to know you all bettter in the future.
Welcome, Jersey. I have an account over at Thunders, but never use it and hardly ever go there. I just like it here at MOS too much. It sucks that you got banned for a joke. Were you given a chance to explain yourself or apologize? Anyway, I'm glad I haven't gotten in trouble here for joking around cuz I do it alot and always try to be interesting or controversial or funny. I will certainly be watching your posts, cuz if you said something controversial enough to get banned over there, your posts should prove to be interesting reading!


Thanks Kong,

Honestly, it's no big deal. And I can see where if someone read it literally they would think it was out of line. When I posted it, I thought anyone who read it would recognize that it was an apology and intended to end a silly disagreement over nothing more important than how best to approach a woman at a gym.

I like a lot of the people there and have nothing negative to say about any of them. Some have even become good friends. I think its great that both websites exist. I came across Thunders first after an internet search, and because of him learned about Penis Enlargement. So for that especially I am very obliged to him.


Welcome here bro, Lets all just concentrate on enlarging our wangs and forget this silly feud between us and thunders.



Wasn't even aware there was a feud. If I had known I would have stolen the mascot prior to coming here. Always a day late and a dollar short, that should be my motto. And yes, that was a request to bum a dollar from you.:)


Thanks as well. Everything appears great here. I haven't found the bathroom yet, but I'm pretty sure I can hold it in for a while longer.:)


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Jersey said:
I have two immediate questions. First is there a seperate paysite (there seems to be from the thread above) and are payments to that seperate from the payments here? Also what does the paysite offer differently than this one.
Hey JERSEY! As you already know, welcome to MoS:)

The pay site is a huge collection of routines, exercises, videos, graphics, information and instructions organized into a very user friendly environment. A large part of joins to the pay site, as well as donations to the free forum, go to keeping MoS free forums running.
Welcome Jersey from EN WHY CEE! ;)

Its hell in rush hours down there right?


Thanks DLD,

I'm definitely going to hit the paysite soon. I'm almost finished with the newbie routine (was told to stick to it the first couple of months) and will be ready to incorporate some other things. Will likely start clamping soon as well. I'm just trying to take it slow and avoid injury. I may not be the biggest, but what's there has always worked well, and never let me down:)

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