new years resolutions

Happy Hogmanay, nouvelle année, neues Jahr, nuovo anno, 新年, 새해, ano novo, Ańo Nuevo (did i miss any out? Oh yeah:s )

Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone had a good time/got pissed/shagged a stranger/gained 3inches/etc.

So lets here what everyones resolutions are.
Mine are:

to go to the gym at least twice a month (not much but its realistic),
reduce my masturbating
Stop being a lurker and actually get into Penis Enlargementing properly (been doing it for about a year but not regular and less than what is told to do in phase 1, except kegals which i do about 800/day)

At the mo I'm about 5inches in EL X 4 EG. My ultimate goal is 9x7, but my aim for this time next year is 6.5x5.

Well thats enough about me, what are your resolutions?
Happy New Year to you too, man and to everybody else here!
My goals are:
5days/week at the gym[hope I can manage it]
9.5length and don`t know about girth. I`m afraid of gaining too much and it might be too mich and girls will refuse it.
I will break the wall!!!:banghead:

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