New Version Released for Board


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V-B just realeased the new version of our board software. Even though I really hate change, we have to keep up with the times and make the software upgrade. We are going to be working out all the bugs this evening and tomorrow. If you have anything that is not working for yo please post it in this thread.




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Not bad, not bad. Smileys are going crazy though. Also, you think we'll be able to add the chat room?

I like the new look, I was also wondering when you were going to update.

Not all the smilies seem to be working for me.
AncientChina said:
Yeah I noticed the smiley mess up aswell...some show at this point also. I like the new features though, this is one of the only forums I visit so I am not used to such a great looking forum. I like how when I now click on a users name it has that nice drop down menu...sweet. Wait until you guys hit the "log out link"....f$cking cool....niceeeee.
Someones excited :D
I think its great!!!! Looks way cool, slicker than bat shit!!! I love it!! Great job!
As with all upgrades it will take time to work out the bugs.


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I hate it nothing works for me, were are all my administration options? Why can i not type in short posts? Why can I not choose the old format? The new V Bullinet should allow this
looks very nice and clean :)


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Honestly, I kind of miss the old version, but I'll probably get used to this in a few days and like it just as much.

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