New Use For Power Assist


Jun 3, 2003
Well I got bored at work a couple days ago. Go figure! Anyways i remembered pretty much what the power assist looked like from the thread. I made one just for the hell of it. I made the circular hole 2 inches in diameter intentionally.

It works like a charm . Yes i plan to get the real deal. After trying mine out I HAD to experiment some. I used it for tunica hanging by placing the rope with the weights thru the hole. Very comfortable.

Next i place my penis thru the hole and attached my homemade penis master. That was the reason for the smaller hole. With this diameter my penis master rests on the board not the balls. NO sack burn as reported by some. Of course you couldn't wear it except in private..but hey experiment guys the posibilities are endless! Thanks guys for a job well done.
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