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Sup fellas. I'm new to the whole pe deal and am pretty excited to get started. I am just recently divorced and am starting to date. Currently, I am 6" erect length and 4" girth. My goal is to get to a good solid 8" erect and 6" girth. About nine years ago, I had sex with this girl. I thought my size was not great but ok up to this point. Well, I found out from my buddies that she was at this party a few days after we had sex and she was telling everyone how small I was. I was devestated! My confidence was crushed. Since then, I've had trouble keeping an erection, thinking I was way too small. That bitch! Anyways, I look forward to a new cock I can be proud of! Also, I just started taking Viacyn pe pills . Has anyone had any success with these pills ? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Wish me luck!


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cushing, welcome to MOS. You are in the right place. Those type of wounds are hard to heal but you have many friends here who can relate. That makes it heal quicker. Your goals are realistic and you will have no problem getting there. The biggest thing in Penis Enlargement is believing in yourself and staying committed. Use those pains from the past to drive you. If you need anything just let me know.



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Welcome to the forums cushing, I believe these are quickly becoming one of the best. I hope you enjoy your stay.. Finger foods are over on the table, as well as the punch. :D |(