New to PE

Hey guys. I'''m new to Penis Enlargement. My current measurements are 6.2 ebpl; 4.7 eg. I've been reading like crazy all the posts here and
Penis Enlargement Forum and I think this is the greatest thing...for guys to be able to talk and share w/out judgment.

I started jelqing two days ago. Tonight I made a homemade bib hanger fron Still's directions. As I write this I am on my third 20 session w/ 2 lb. I am using rice socks for heat and jelqing for 10 min in between sets. I like the feel. But I'm not sure if I am using enough weight. I feel the slightest ache inside, but not much at all. Is this normal for the first time, or should I feel more?

My goals:
8" ebpl; 5.75 eg


Thanks again for the great site.
Welcome Texan.

Your gains are definately doable. You're on the right track by starting slowly.

I'm not a hanger so I can't really comment on that but, in general, a slight ache is fine. Any more, and you put yourself up for injury.

Good luck.



Welcome aboard Tex. I am new to hanging also (about 6 weeks now) but I have always heard ache=good, pain=bad. Sounds like you have done your homework and are doing it exactly right!

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