I have done the newbie routine for about 5 weeks and I think I am gonna change my routine to:

1 Day Newbie Routine:
stretching Jelqing
1 Day
DLD Blasters, jeqling

So I will Penis Enlargement everyday but on off on stretching and Blasters.

A question about blasters though for DLD My penis has a downward curve because my CC is longer then my CS can I substitute the V-stretch for the A-Stretch for DLD blaster cus I want to eliminate the downard curve. Can the CS be stretched and grow longer? Also is there any possible danger of the urethra being damaged? There was one MTV movie where some guy used hangers to make his dick bigger and then had this weird problem with his pee hole i dunno has anyone seen this movie? He was the weird room mate.
I tried to edit but i couldn't is there a reason the Blaster are only a 5 second stretch ? I would like to stretch for longer I also know that for athletes the minimum stretch for increased flexibility is 20 seconds. I know the penis is differnet then muscle and ligs but why is this tretch so short?

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