New Reality Video Game: KILL THE EVIL MUSLIMS rated NC17


Jun 3, 2003
Teen eager to kill evil Muslims
Orange County Weekly |
"Tim Bueler has big plans after graduation. The 17-year-old student at Rancho Cotate High School near San Francisco is acclaimed in conservative circles for starting the High School Conservative Clubs of America... 'I know that Islam is not peaceful - it's rooted in evil. And these people have declared war against all of us, all of us being Christians and Jews. And they want to do what they did to Daniel Pearl and Paul Johnson and Nick Berg to us. What I'm going to do is join the Army Rangers.' ... He explained how his father tried to sway Bueler from this decision, warning that he would most likely find death in Iraq. To this point, Bueler shared with the audience, he shrugged and smiled. 'As long as I take one of those guys with me, I'll be very satisfied.'" [at least the kid will get some outside exercise. Hey kid, what's your VERBLOL]

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