New pics of Kong...

Everybody's posting new pics, so I thought I'd update as well. What do you think? Does is look any bigger? I have gained a little in length as well as girth lately. Still got the curve, even though I have been trying to get rid of it. Maybe not as pronounced, tho. I dunno. My foreskin restoration efforts seem to be nullified by the Penis Enlargement, cause every time I get some new loose skin, my dick gets a little bigger too and takes up the slack...not that I'm complaining ;) I plan to keep plugging away at both until I get the dick that I want...a big, hooded cobra!


Great pics Kong! =) I remember watching older pics of you the other day, and I'm very sure you have grown. Looks massive! Don't worry about the curve, it looks very natural. :) Just keep stretching (both your unit and your wife mwahahah) and jelqing until you've reached your goals. =D


wow we really do almost have the same looking cocks nice job
Damn Kong... you got one hell of a mushroom there.


That is some massive piece of manhood. :O Got the perfect shape for hitting women on the G-spot. If it ever start to get spores maybe you can grow a couple in a terrarium and sell. :p

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