New News in the Jam Master Jay Case


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Jun 3, 2003

A new twist in Jay slay

Say suspect shot rapper's nephew


A suspect in last year's slaying of hip hop pioneer Jam Master Jay has been charged with shooting the rapper's nephew, the Daily News has learned.
Karl Darren Jordan, 20, known as Little Dee, allegedly squeezed off three rounds at Rodney Jones, 18, in Queens on May 14.

Jordan was charged last week with attempted murder and is being held at Rikers Island on $50,000 bail, according to Queens prosecutors.

Now investigators are trying to tie him to the Oct. 30 slaying of Jam Master Jay, whose real name was Jason Mizell.

Jordan's father, Darren (Big Dee) Jordan, 38, acknowledged his son has been questioned about Mizell's slaying several times.

"The police are telling my son he's in a lot of trouble, and people are saying he had something to do with the murder of Jam Master Jay," Jordan told The News from his home in Virginia Beach. "My son ain't scared, but he's not comfortable. He knows he didn't do it."

"My son wouldn't be involved with it, because that would be like my son killing my brother. He would have to deal with me."

The elder Jordan was a pallbearer at Mizell's funeral and is the godfather to one of the rapper's three sons.

Hired by rapper

He managed Run-DMC, then became a rap promoter for Island Def Jam Records. When he lost that job, Mizell hired him.

"We were very, very close. We were so close, if one of us needed a liver or a kidney, we could swap out," Jordan said. "I know the cops think it's my son. I don't believe it."

Jordan admitted his son was involved in shooting Mizell's nephew but he said that attack was spawned by disrespecting rap lyrics Jones had written.

He said Little Dee got into an altercation with members of the rap label Murder Inc. while blasting platinum rapper 50 Cent's music in Hollis, Queens.

Murder Inc.'s Ja Rule and 50 Cent have been embroiled in a long, public battle that has included accusations of shootings and stabbings from both camps and a series of unflattering lyrics in songs written by both musicians.

"A kid from Murder Inc. snuffed him [sucker-punched] and fractures his jaw," Jordan said of the fight. "Then Rodney goes and makes a song about it. Rodney makes fun of him. That's what went down."

According to a criminal complaint, Karl Jordan "approached [Jones] with a handgun and shot at him approximately five times, hitting him once in the leg" in front of 203-11 Hollis Ave. around 8 p.m. May 14.

Fight over lyrics

"My son is going to have to deal with shooting Rodney, I don't think that was justified to shoot him. But I don't think what Rodney wrote was right either," Jordan said. "If he wanted to make a song about somebody's personal business, he should have made a song about his uncle getting killed."

Jones has identified Jordan as the gunman, according to the complaint.

As for the Mizell slaying, one alleged witness, Ronald (Tinard) Washington, has told The News he saw the Jordans enter Mizell's Jamaica studio just before the shooting started.

Washington, who pleaded guilty this week to armed robbery in Nassau County, has told investigators the same story.

Jordan denied visiting the studio the night Mizell was killed, adding that his son was with his girlfriend and their daughter, Lyric.

"I'm scared to death. I don't know who to trust," Connie Mizell, Jason's mother, told The News. "It's crazy, and it's going to get crazier. It's the friends I have to worry about now."

Originally published on August 20, 2003