New MoS Point System - Weekly Prizes for Top Posters, Likes, etc!!!


Jun 3, 2003
New MoS Point System

Here is how the point system works...
  • Every message posted - 1 Point
  • Somebody likes you - 2 Points
  • Keeps coming back Points - 5 Points
  • Can't stop! - 10 Points
  • I like it a lot - 10 Points
  • Seriously likeable! - 15 Points
  • Addicted - 20 Points
  • Can't get enough of your stuff - 20 Points
  • I LOVE IT! - 30 Points
What Don't get points
One word or short posts.
Posting Giphys..
Using just a smiley to reply to a post.

You must post valuable content and replies.
Do not spam or you will be banned permanently!

You can see everyones points here
Most points
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Jun 18, 2004
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