Hello everyone

I'm a new member who had experience with penis enlargement a year ago.

Sometime last Winter, because of boredom and because of my insatisfaction with my size, I decided to inquire more about possible penis enlargement exercises. I gathered as much information as possible and I "invented" a routine to enlarge my sexual member.

I performed it for a month or a month a half only but it was enough to see a difference. After 4-6 weeks, I had to stop because of two reasons. The most important one was the fact that the routine's most important element was a very hard errection, which became very hard to achieve just by thinking about sex. Second, after a lot of struggle (I used to exercise up to 3 hours a day, most days of the week), I noticed that the head of the phallus started to bleed slighlty.

Since then, I stopped. But, I am thinking about starting again since it worked so well.

I'd like to know what you guys think and if such experience happened to anybody else. If you want, I can write here my exact routine.

Cheers :)

Another shy one


Interesting Story, What did your Routine consist of?
Originally posted by TheExecutioner
Interesting Story, What did your Routine consist of?

This is my routine in the form of an advice to someone who wanted to enlarge his phallus as well:

"All right, these are the exercises I did that worked for me:

First of all, I went in the bathroom and sat on the board of the tub. I started doing the PC exercises (Kegel's exercises). I contracted the PC region for 3 seconds and let it go for 4-5 second for 25 reps. After, I contracted the PC muscles 60 times (trying to contract it and then let decontract as fast as possible). Then, I did another 25 times of holding and releasing and 60 PC muscle contractions.

Then, I wrapped my phallus with a hot towel and, from time to time, I would pour hot water on it (thanks to a cap or a can) to keep the towel warm. After 3-5 minutes, I removed the towel and got hard. Watch out, in order to do this exercise, you must be ready to become really hard (that's why I need an aphrodisiac). You can get hard while sitting on the board of the tub. When I felt I was hard enough, I stood up, pulled the skin back (I am uncircumcised) and started pushing blood in the penis with reps, each one lasting half a second or a second (you can count too, it helps). I pushed blood in until I felt I could not stay hard, then I sat on the bord of the tub again and teased my penish to become hard again, then I stood up again and started to push blood in. I noticed that if I squeezed and contracted my butt muscles, it would help squeeze as much blood as possible in the penis (this is the goal, to push as much blood in as possible).
You should do this exercises (standing up and pushing blood in) for as much as you can feel ready to go farther with pushing blood in, let's say from 3-9 times or series (of standing up and doing the reps). REMEMBER TO PLACE BOTH INDEX AND THUMB FINGERS OF BOTH HANDS AT THE BASE OF YOUR Penis EnlargementNIS WHILE PUSHING BLOOD IN TO HELP THE Penis EnlargementNIS GET BLOOD IN AND TO STOP A LITTLE THE BLOOD TO GET OUT.

After I felt ready, I started doing a second exercise (this is the most important one, this is the one that makes you bigger (we'll call this exercise number two). I would still sit on the tub's board, massaging, teasing or masturbating the penis to become excited and hard and I would stand up. Then, I would try to bring as much blood in as fast as possible and I would try to HOLD IT (holding is the main thing) for 7-10 second, then released the blood and IMMEDIATELY I would try to bring as much blood in as possible (but not necessarly as fast as possible) and I would try to hold it from 12-20 seconds. Finally, after I realeased the blood, I would try to bring again as much blood as I could (this time it would be hard to do it) and HOLD it in as much as I could ( you will not be able to hold it in too much by this time).

After, I sat down, relaxed maybe for 2-3 seconds and started teasing and touching myself, trying to become hard again (WATCH OUT: IT IS IMPenis EnlargementRATIVE THAT WHEN YOU PUSH BLOOD IN THE Penis EnlargementNIS, THE Penis EnlargementNIS MUST BE REALLY HARD AND READY TO RECEIVE AS MUCH BLOOD AS POSSIBLE!!!!!).


I did this until I felt tired, lets say ... 7-15 times to give you an idea.

After doing this exercise, I relaxed and took my mind away from this by taking a quick shower . After the shower , I sat again on the tub's board while I filled the tub with hot water . Then, I rubbed some soap on my penis (to use as a lubrificator) and started doing exercise number two again, until I felt tired (again from 7 to 15 times). After I felt tired, I inserted my penis in the hot water while my body was outside the water . This is like wrapping it with a hot towel, with the advantage of having always the same hot temperature around your penis and having the possibility to touch the penish in order to tease it to stay hard.

After this, I took another quick shower (to relax my mind and my body) and started doing exercise number two again (don't forget to use a lotion, soap, oil, etc. as lubrificator) until I felt tired. Then, I would insert my penis again in the hot water and let it stay there.

After done this, I took a final quick shower and I placed my thumbs and index finger in an OK sign around the base of my shaft and kept blood in, i did this for about 3-4 times.


If you need addition explanations, just ask.
A routine that requires three showers? I never thought I'd see a Penis Enlargement workout where one of the exercises was to shower . :)

Sounds like you're basically doing Ulis (in between showers). May I recommend adding in some jelqing and/or stretching ?
The water was mostly because... I... eHydromax.. still live at home with my parents :blush: .. plus, warm water helps the circulation :)

Does stretching really work (I mean consistently)? Doesn't it reduce the sensitivity? Could you direct me to some thread where I could read more about stretching ?


Welcome another shy one, try using the search button. Also it may help you to go to the newie forum and check out DLD's newbie routine.
Thanks for your welcomes :)

I just have a couple of questions for the most experienced members here:

1) what are the best exercises for enlarging your errect phallus?


2) Is jelqing enough to efficiently enlarge it (lenght + girth)? I'm asking this because I try to stay away from stretching since it looks dangerous.

Thank you

Another Shy One

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