new member here, please read....


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hello....brand new member, was just wondering what stuff i should start off with right at the beginning (links to ANYTHING would be VERY helpfull :p ).

Also, how long on average is it usually before one can notice their first size increases?

Im currently about 6.25 inches erect, and want to increase that to 7 or 7.5 possibly. Is that a realistic possibility?

thanx for taking the time to respond, any feedback would be excellent rofl
hey man, welcome to the grand daddy of all Penis Enlargement programs!!! about your goal? it is VERY possible, it requires patience, persistance and major commitment and dedication. If you can employ all of these elements into your head then you will achieve your goal in a matter of months!!! good luck bro! :drinkup:


Welcome Lcr2003, your goals are realistic and more. Stay commited and work hard for your goals and they will be achieved. Good luck with your Penis Enlargement Adventure.

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