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Jun 5, 2003
Many guys have reported breaking up their Penis Enlargement into separate sessions for girth and length , respectively. But I’m trying to break my Penis Enlargement into 3 sessions:
I. Girth
II. Length
a- Tunica
b- Ligaments


1) 12:00 Pulls
2) 12:00 A-Stretch
3) Base-Fulcrum Pulls
4) Bundled 12:00 Pulls
5) Bundled Base-Fulcrum Pulls
6) V-Stretch (L-M-R)
7) Erect Twists

1) DLD Blasters
2) A-Stretch (regular)
3) Behind-The-Leg (BTL) Pulls
4) Power Push Stretch
5) Rotary Cranks
6) Side-To-Side (STS) Pulls
7) Lazy Ass Stretches

Explanation of Exercises:
1) 12:00 Pulls are stretches directly upwards (based on 12:00 from LOT test).
2) 12:00 A-Stretch is simply the A-Stretch for Tunica – which means keeping both hands basically against your body, so that you’re pulling upwards – not down & out.
3) Base-Fulcrum Pulls means pulling out your unit, placing a brace atop the base of your unit (could be a thumb, edge of hand, deodorant container, etc.) to act as a fulcrum; you then pull upwards with your unit curving beneath the brace.
4) Bundled is, of course, twisted (“torsion stretches ”).
5) V-Stretch (L-M-R) = “Left, Middle, Right”, or where you place the fulcrum & the opposite direction you’re pulling your glans.
6) Behind-The-Leg Pulls is best done by placing one foot atop something like a desk. You then reach underneath yourself with the same side hand as the leg you’ve lifted (i.e., left leg-left hand; right leg-right hand). You then pull, from “Behind-the-Leg.”
7) Power Push Stretch is more of a “push” than a “pull.” Grasp your penis out in front of you with both hands, and “push” it away – as if you’re trying to benchpress your unit away from your body. These should be done at 9:00 LOT and below. Alternate….9:00, 7:00, 8:00, etc.
8) Side-To-Side Stretches are similar to the Power Push Stretch , only you slowly move your unit from left to right, and back again = 1 rep. These reps should be done very slowly, and a 9:00 LOT and below. Alternate….9:00, 7:00, 8:00, etc.
You obviously won't be doing all these exercises each session, just pick a few & alternate them respectively. Also change around the stretch times - some might be for 10 seconds of HELL, others might be 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc. Change it up, keep the unit off-guard.


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Jun 3, 2003
You always have interesting routines WaxN.


Aug 7, 2003
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it's looks like you've got your A and V stretches mixed up. A is for the tunica, while V is for the ligs, correct?
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