New Kegel exercise


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Dec 5, 2003
If you want a bigger and stronger kegel muscle stop doing those endurance sets of kegel squeezes. There is definitely a place for long sets of squeezes and squeezing for 10 seconds or more. Doing this gives you control over your ejaculation. You may even be able to hold on to that feeling and release it at the exact moment you want to (i.e. when your woman is cumming) such as I have.

But no, If you want to shoot your cum across the room, you have to make the muscle stronger and more explosive. You want to train your BC muscle like it is a sprinter/power-lifter as opposed to a cross country runner. When training in the gym, the only way to consistently gain muscle mass and power is with low rep work.

I have done this by lifting weights while stretching . I attach my Captn's Wench with about 10 lbs. I then put my legs on a chair and rest my upper body on a footstool. Doing a straight out stretch at this point, I lift the weight 15 - 30 times, squeezing for about 3 seconds. I only do this for 3 sets, 2-3 days a week. This really tears up the muscle.

The results- With in 2 weeks I was shooting my cum at least 3 feet in the air up over my head!!!!!!!!!!!! Up until this point I had always been a dribbler. My kegel muscle is noticeably stronger. Earlier today I actually got a cramp in my BC muscle. I would not recommend doing this routine two days in a row. Trust me you will feel your muscle aching, give it time to recover.


Oct 15, 2003
squeezing the pc muscle for a longer period of time does build up more control, your right about the powerlifting/sprinting theory too though. I too had cramps in my pc after doing it so many times from fatigue and what not...i could hold going for atleast 2 hours LOL hehe


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Jun 28, 2003
Hey Supra!!! I see U have a Captn's Wench. Can U checkout my post in the Hanging Around Section in the Captn's Wench thread. Maybe U can help me out. I have everything ,but the cable clamp, to make a Captn's Wench but the instructions are alittle confusing without a visual aide. Please help a fellow Penis Enlargementer who is looking to gain length from this device.


Oct 25, 2003

i need to make a bib sometime. i can hold my pc for more then a hour (using nice music to listen at) but it didn't have good results, even over a longer period. i don't dribble, i only shoot for like 10cm far. maybe even less, never measured.
i guess a bib and some weights will really help me but that would mean i have to construct one. the thought of my parents finding out is scaring me :p
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