New guy, how does this look?


Hey new member here, I used to think this was all a load of shit before I came to this site, I cant beleive the results you bastards have been getting heh

I tried getting a membership to the site but they dont accept VISA arrgh so I think ill just try a beginner routine and if I see results in the next month or so Ill send over a money order for a membership .

So now im about 6X5 hoping to get to 8X6, is that possible?? Id like to get there before I move to Germany in about a year. about how long would it take??

Here's what im thinking:
AM Stretches
All directions 120 seconds each
Squat stretches 2 X 60 sec
V strecthes 2 X 60 sec
A stretches 2 X 60 sec

PM stretches same as AM
DLD crazy girth buster routine (about half the total volume)

does this routine look any good for starters?


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Hi welcome to MOS,
Your goals are certainly possible....a year with the right attitude for sure!

As for loooks good, but if I were you I would maybe try DLD's Newbie program..its a sticky in the newbie section as a matter of fact.

I wish ya well...hear from ya alot I hope.



Welcome quijjiboo, what your goals are not only possible but you can if you desire go past these. Good starting stats. I agree, start with the newbie primer. Good luck with you Penis Enlargement adventure.

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