if youre like me youve always had a problem trying to jelq downward palms down which is said to be more effective (feels that way to me anway). well i was messin around with the unit yesterday and found a way that i could mimic that grip and motion without the discomfort or awkwardness.
make like youre strokin it (jerkin off) downward then kinda like youre trying to make an upward curve transfer your grip into a form where the webbing is on top and thumb and finger are at the sides, but dont make a circle or fist.
take your thumb and place the print right under the first wrinkle from the nail of your finger, now put the fingers in line with that finger, thats the grip (the thumb and finger dont always have to touch)
you take that and you slide it down in upward curving motion or however(but youre still jelqing downward) and you just follow the normal jelqing motions. granted you cant start right at the base, but i felt a much better pump and pressure being put on the chambers as opposed to the palms down ok grip i had been using before.
sorry if it doesnt make sense, thats the best i could do, ill answer any questions if there are any.
im gonna call it the BLUE BURNERS rofl ha just kidding.
just thought id tell everybody about what i found, since ive always found palms up ok grip to be sort of strenous w/o equal results in pump or pressure and i always wanted to do the palms down downward motion but never really could, also i avoid the dorsal nerve better with this one as well.
hope you guys like it, or if you think its stupid let me know, maybe im wrong.
It sounds to me like a palm down, open ok grip, thumb and forefinger on either side. It also sounds as if you are pressing down and applying resistance with your cock by kegeling (or a high erection level), and that's where you feel the stretch . If that's so, this seems like a good lig stretch .

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