New Girth Exercise: Bungle Slammers !!

Mr Bungle

Hi everybody,
Lately I've been experimenting with a variation of the Supra Slammers. Find it to be great for girth and width and it allows to concentrate on each separate chamber of the CC. It is a combination of the Slammers, Pan Squeeze and DLD Bends.

Start it as a normal Supra Slammer (balloon, edge and ulli), once your in the Ulli position with your left hand place the thumb and index of your right hand on the left CC chamber of your shaft. Your thumb should be facing up and pointing in the same direction as your unit. Now squeeze the chamber between your two fingers and slowly slide up the shaft in that position. while you are doing so slightly bend your shaft downwards to increase the internal pressure. How far up the shaft you go depends on what area you want to target. Once you've slid up to the desired spot, increase the squeeze, bend a bit harder and hold this for 30 seconds.

I find this exercise to be very efficient when fully engorged, so do not neglect the balloning/edging part. I superset them with supra slammers and DLD bends and the pump I get from this combination is mad.
Experiment with those and post any variations you may come up with!!

Mr Bungle
Aaah, another Penis Enlargement'er hoping to achieve a famous name in the business. At least we know he's not doing it for the money :).

Mr Bungle



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I've been meaning to study up on the Supra Slammers forever now. When I get a chance I'll give you my thoughts.

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