New Gains!


When I woke up I looked at my penis and I it looked somewhat bigger even though I had taken an extra rest day and hadn't been that active during the last week... I went up and found my ruler... I measured my new length to 7.35" EL. Or: 18.5 cm. That made my day. I have felt it has grown somewhat longer lately but I was not sure if it actually was a gain.

Note: I haven't gained since spring as I have been too lazy to keep my routine, now I made it! My length goal is within reach and hopefully I´ll reach 7.5" EL. Or: 19 cm. Before Christmas!

My LOT is like 6-7. I have been Penis Enlargementing for one year, very much on and off... Current routine has been dry-wet jelquing 30 minutes almost every day, and 30 minutes tunica stretches almost everyday for 6 weeks.

Now I feel like I´m no hard gainer anymore :p


Thanks DLD. My dick proportions are quite funny. First, I have a tiny girth at 4.5" EG.

Then length 7.35" EL (about the same NBP! :p). And I am very thin. So my dick looks somewhat impressive lengthwise if you get my point :)

Unfortunately I do not possess a good camera. So my pics will not show up here right now. But it doesn't matter I will go for length and when pics come I am even bigger.

Redzulu, 9 inches. That would be something :) Remember, everyday is a new opportunity to get there. In someway all days till then is like getting a small portion of that Christmas presents ;)

Today: I found out that my dick was slightly bigger than a friend of mines in the shower after sports. I smiled as I remembered I always had envied his long unit... :) Fact is I have had little courage in the shower in that sort of way too often....

For tunica work: I have used dry/wet jelquing and tunica stretches . I really think the dry jelqs stretches the hell out of the tunica.

Note: My LOT has been 6-7 since I was 6.6" EL. So I have gained some great tunica gains.

Thanks again for taking part of my story!!!

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