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Jun 29, 2003
Let me be the first to say that I have a new found appreciation for MoS forum. It's members and mods and DLD are always so helpful in so many ways I cant count. I have memberships at many other forums, most are decent sites but, Mos stands out loud and clear and shines as a leader. It may be one of the newer forums but, it surely is the best. Very few forums share information as readily as this one. As I read through posts, I noticed one thing that stands out over and over again. Something you do not see at most other forum sites. You see threads with links to other Penis Enlargement forums, quotes and exercises from others sites etc. touting where they came from even, not to mention the knowledgeable individuals that respond to your posts. You don't get bullshit answers here. This is the difference between a typical forum and a great forum. One that does not fear its competition but embraces it in the quest for Penis Enlargement knowledge. It shows that it's owners, mods, and members are truly dedicated to Penis Enlargement no matter who or where the source comes from, It's not just the almighty dollar that dictates it's content. Although money makes the world go around and keeps sites like this one going. Other sites I belong to, are in it for the money and filter out any and all references to other sites etc. and would like it's members to believe they are the only and best source of Penis Enlargement info. Also attept to block it at every turn. It truely shows the colors of it's owners. Support is yours for the asking DLD.


I know what you mean man! We dont edit links or do sili things like type :#$#@@*()$&@ in place of references to outside sources.


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Jun 10, 2003
Posted by DLD

It is sad that the world tries to destroy what they fear instead of embracing it and learning from it.

DLD, that's the way it has always been throughout history.

Those other sites have something to fear, an honest Penis Enlargement site with no BS.
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