Never again

Jun 3, 2003
As some of you know, I was on hiatus from most everything the past few weeks, and didn't lift more than a couple times during that time.

Today I was lifting (as I am ready to get back on track with lifting and Penis Enlargement) and noticed that I had lost a LOT of progress. I had lost about 5 months worth of progress during the three or however many weeks without lifting. Just as an indicator, I lost 30 pounds in my bench press.

So yeah, I'll never let this happen again. I think I can probably get back to where I was bit faster than before, but still that is a substantial loss.

Good thing I haven't had the same experience with Penis Enlargement, or I'd really be complaining. I haven't lost anything with respect to length and girth, so I am happy about that.

So the lesson to be learned is that when you feel lazy and don't want to work out, realize progress will be lost and time will be wasted.

K, that is all. Time to do some Penis Enlargement.

- DS


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Jun 3, 2003
That's a huge loss! :eek:
Aug 23, 2003
tell me about it :(

i used to lift every other day, and put quite a bit into my workouts. My max bench was 215 which is very high for being a 18 year old that weighed 115 pounds(i beat the old virginia state record by 60 pounds).

I just got back into lifting, 3 years later, and would be lucky to push up 185. I used to rep 165 about 8 times and now can only get 135 up that many times.

It's not completely discouraging though. It seems that strength comes back very fast if you've already been heavy into lifting. Nothing like the first time around.

I used to have super pecs, now they look kinda sad. you can see the birdy pecs in the picture proof section, LOL
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