Neptunes Jacking Beats?


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Jun 3, 2003
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18-year old Joseph Zakoni accused Pharrell and Star Trak President and long-time Neptunes's manager Rob Walker of copying and manufacturing his beats - without consent - that were posted on the label's message board last April. Zakoni insists that Star Trak Entertainment strung him along into believing that he would eventually become a part of the Star Trak production team, including future plans to work with the likes of Super Cat, only to be duped while they manipulated his productions.

"They flew me out to New York once," Zakoni recalls of a previous encounter, "and I walked into the studio and was like, 'Oh awesome! They're playing my beat...wait a minute...', and [then I realized] it was that 'ni99a Please,' Jay-Z bullsh!t." Other tracks that Zakoni alleges The Neptunes stole from his collection are tracks by Canadian/Jamaican-descent rapper Kardinall Offishall ("Belly Dancer") and Nas ("Flyest Angel") - which is currently receiving modest play on radio, and sits at #29 on New York's Hot 97's (WQHT) play list.

Zakoni has gone so far as to present to what he calls proof of the theft -- an MP3 that displays the shocking similarities between his original production and Neptune-produced Jay-Z track.

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Jun 18, 2003
Of course they jacked it. If they were to give that dude a job, or actually write their own loops, they'd be "actin' too white".

KEEP IT REAL!!! Arf! Arf! Arf!