Need some pickup lines w/ a girl in class


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I met a very cute girl in my class. It seems that she's a little attractive to me. Ive never had any experience approaching and talk to a girl who doesn't know me. All of my gal friend I had I either known them for a long time or thru someone.
Well, I really like this girl and really want to get to know her better. Should I just come up and ask about homework and stuff?


See this is where many guys mess up. They meet a woman theyre interested in getting to know better and all of a sudden they forget basic communication principles. OR, they forget that women...yes, even attractive ones communicate and relate to other humans just like everyone else does. They think they need these "smooth" "pick up lines".

Best approach is first and always something like "HI, my name's ......., what's yours?". Shit I'll get back to this when I'm sober and can think more clearly.

That "don juan" and "so suave" and "how to be a "playa" crap rarely works on women though. Just a heads up.


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Drunk are we?
bro you need to get a grip on some game, and pick up lines are shit. If you need to use pick up lines then you arent projecting your reality well enough and that makes you approach suck. Read my post about your reality, its a couple of posts below.
pickup lines are for a joke, and jokes only, don't expect to get anywhere with them.. well you could try but I dont recommend it

just start making conversation, say some stuff your doing that weekend (as long as its not sitting on your ass) be confident, walk with her in between classes, and ask her out as soon as you get the chance


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You guys right, pick up lines are teh shit. Next time, I just try to imagine her as any other girls. Hope that helps cause I have no trouble w/ other girls. BTW, crzy_young_gun, Changing Reality=Good read:rocker:. Thanks guy.


Talk about normal stuff , the weather , the news etc.

If she responds well then keep on , and begin to show a few "emotions" for want of a better word , crack a joke , voice an opinion about something etc.


Be straightforward I'd say. I met this super hot Scottish chick last semester on the way to a class we had together (we were both late). After class I just said "Hey you wanna go grab some lunch?" She couldn't resist my dashing good looks and my prince-like charm so she said yes. I'm not looking for a relationship or anything because I'm taken and I don't think she was either, but we hit it off really well and we still talk and such. So my point is just be real. You don't have to "woo" her or anything, just be cool. Just because you ask her to go to lunch with you doesn't mean anything more than just being friends. It's that second time that lets her know. I'm not saying be way too pushy or anything. Just don't screw around. Chicks like that I think.

*Disclaimer: I have neither dashing good looks nor prince-like charm. But I do on TV.

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Find something to start a conversation about....and just talk to her. One you have her talking, ask her if she would like to go for coffee or lunch. Then keep working her.


Introduce yourself as if you don't really like her in an attractive sort of way and then go hit on someone else.

If it doesn't look like you have options, then you look like some passive-aggressive creep who is just playing the friends angle.

Yah, I wish women were not so ridiculously complicated when it comes to attraction, but 90% of the women out there only want to be with 10% of the men and the fact you are desired by other women makes them think you are in that top 10%. Don't blame women, blame evolution or whatever for making them the way they are.

Women are always talking about meeting "the one", and what that really means is they want to take "the best one" every other chick wants and keep him all to themselves.

So if you empirically look like "the best one", then you are in this elite 10% of men who are deserving of pretty chicks.

Women who are really good looking know they can have their pick of the lot, so you need to knock down their self-esteem by giving them a little competition in the love department. Let her know you are a nice guy (e.g. don't stare at her boobs and act completely in control of yourself), but make sure she knows you are on the prowl for anyone but her.

Last but not least, women wonder why most men play games and lie all the time when courting the opposite sex and the sad fact is that men do that because they have to, not because they want to. Women want fantasies, not the truth so the key is to blow enough smoke up their ass before they know you are full of shit.

If she really likes you, well she will forgive your lies because you can say "well baby I just really love you and I thought you would not accept me for being the little teddy bear that I am inside".

Women, say they want honesty in a relationship, but in reality they just cannot handle the truth.

So my advice is to be cool, but don't just try and "be friends" or else she will pick up on the bullshit really fast. Just look at the themes of so many stupid teenage movies girlfriends drag their guys to all the time where some guy has some gal who is "just a friend" and he is interested in every gal but her and that drives her crazy. Then in the end he realizes she is "the one" for him, and they go off happily ever after into the sunset. Yah it is total bullshit but these are the expectations of women in American culture.

And if you have any problem with what I am saying, remember the saying:

"All is fair in love, war, and business". Tru dat, Tru dat.

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