Need Some Advice


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Dec 10, 2003
I think I have thrombosed a vein, but it's nopt just one, it's almost like a cluster of them. They feel hard and seem to have a bubble or a notch in the veins, if that's what it is. They sort of have a fiburous feel to them, so I don't know what it is. It's been real tender like a bruise on the base of the right side, and down in the fat pad too. The tenderness is nearly gone, but the nodules in the veins bother me though, does anyone else have this? I am almost sure it's just thrombosed vein, but I want to be sure. When I stretch forward or to the left, they get pulled along with the skin, part of me says that it's the ligs, and they have gotten real sore from finally getting worked hard in the a-stretch . I finally got it down and I give him hell in the a-stretch now. I did some clapm work and it made the tenderness worse a couple of days ago, I think friday.

Basically these things feel like veins. but real hard and seem to have something in them, like tiny little balls or lumps. If this is just thrombosed vein let me know, and I'll keep with the anti-inflamatories and the heat pad before bed. Thanks for any and all help.