Oct 11, 2003
Hi Guys ive been off and on Penis Enlargement for a while now, so im not striclty a newbie .
Im after some length as im 5.5 Girth in the middle and that seems ok for now although im doing a clamping workout which seems to be helping.
Im doing manual stretchs pullilng down and all around for 30 secs pulls, i try to do this for a least 10mins in the morning and 10mins in the evening along with jelqs and ulis. My whole workout i would say is 30mins+. When i first started manuals i got lig pops but i havent had one for a while, how do you know when you have done a good lenght workout what effects or feelings should i get.
As i live with my folks i find it hard to fit it in but i try my best. Im currently just over 6" full Erect and would like to get some gains in length . Can anyone help me.