Need help making a workout plan.


Jun 5, 2003
I'm 19yrs old, 6foot2 and 166kgs.
I have just started uni and determined to get at least to a moderately healthy weight and waist/chest size (I really can't afford to keep having to get 4XL sizes on a student budget). So i've joined a gym and have started on weight watchers.

I need advice on a exercise program as i have no idea where to start.
Here is a list of the equipment the gym has:
Cross trainer
Peck fly
lat pull down
overhead press
lower back
vertical chest
leg curl
leg press
compound row
multi press (gym 80)
universal pull down/push up
ab roller
(they also have a cycle, rower, leg extension and chin up but during my induction they said i shouldn't do them till i'm fitter, or because i was over the weight limit for it or couldn't use it without damaging my back.)
I also have a couple of dumb bells at home that i have never used before.

I can make it to the gym about 3 times a week and i also can go swimming 2 or 3 times a week.

I know that i should mainly focus on CV, so i'm going to start off with an all round 7min stretch session followed by a 5-10min warm up on the treadmill and then 20-40Min's on the cross trainer, then some workouts on the resistance machines followed by a warm down on the treadmill.

I'm going to switch to warm up/down on the cross trainer and main CV on the treadmill every other week to help with boredom and prevent my body getting complacent.

With swimming i will just do laps trying to increase the amount i can do over time.

Its the resistance and weights side of it i need help with, as i don't know which i should do on what day, what order should i do the machines in, what weight should i use and how many reps and sets i should do.


Jun 5, 2003
Ideally you'd do a warmup, then your resistance training, followed by the cardio. I would do all the resistance machines if I were using that gym.


Aug 31, 2003
personally if I were you and trying to drop some extra weight I would start with alot of cardio first. Running is great for raising the heart rate and helping to drop some pounds. Also get on a good diet, something low carb is prefered with moderate protiens. and then get a good multi-vitamin if you can to supplement areas you may miss with your diet. At first I would do like a 70/30 cardio to strength training workout. Also a good circuit training workout should help (pretty well rounded). this is just my personal take on this and is what works for me. But each person is different on how they burn fat, gain muscle etc... so maybe ask a personal trainer.

Also as far as Penis Enlargement would go I have read that for about every 30 lbs roughly you lose you should gain 1/2-1 inch in length . Because it's hidden do to the extra cushion. Maybe someone else can tell us how much of this is true.

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