Need Everyone's Opinion-- Plateau!!!


Mar 29, 2004
When u reach a plateau that means u cannot gain anymore rite???
But to get out ofa a plateau u change your routine???Exercises???-=-Am i Correct???

Another question is does everybody reach a plateau sometime or another???

And the last question would be when u reach a plateau that neccessarily doesnt mean your are wasting time because wouldn't that give u the time to cement your gains once u become plateau--Just jelq during your plateau to cement gains and then find different routinse rite?????

Need everyone's opinion!!!!!!

Thank U!!!!!!


Mar 24, 2004
1) A plateau is when your body adapts to the exercises/routine that you're doing, therefor the cells will be prepared and not get a good of a workout.
2) Yes, everyone reaches a plateau sometime or another, depending on how well your body adapts to what's happening.
3) Yes, changing you're exercises/routine will get you off the plateau, sometimes it's as easy as just changing the order in which things are done, sometimes you're whole workout needs to be reconsidered.
4) When you hit a plateau and continue with the same workout, no it's not wasting time, although your gains will be no where near as significant, it will help some.
5) As for it cementing gains? -- I don't know.

My suggestion?

Change up your routine, it may take as little as just doing things in the opposite order or changing the intensity/reps (DO NOT OVERDO THEM!!). If you still feel that you are on a plateau you may want to revamp youre routine, do new exercises and stretches that you're body hasn't become ascustomed to yet.

This comes from my knowledge of weightlifting/bodybuilding from the last 4 years, not from my Penis Enlargement experience, I am assuming that they would not differ too severely.


Xeno answered it pretty well already. Most guys hit a plateu at some point, I know I have. You just (as I have) change your routine and either up the intensity, or try a new routine all together. Or, maybe change your on/off day schedule.

Pretty Willy

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Mar 13, 2004
I used to get red dot all over when i started my advanced routine, now i get few if any... does that mean im not getting a good workout in anymore? Are the red dots even a good sign? ?:(