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There is no magic pill, lotion or whatever that will increase the size of you penis, alone.

Exercises are the best. Some people add penis pills as a supplement, which does help with blood flow.

Again, there is no substitute for getting larger. Exercises are best, with dedication.
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I heard about this penis pill site . They say they are better than the rest in the market. Any one used it or any suggestions.

I started taking Naturally Huge at the beginning of this month as a supplement to aid NPenis Enlargement. I agree with rain that these, or any other pill, could enlarge a penis all by themselves. It's too soon to tell if they will help, although I have noticed an increased frequency of nocturnal erections that seem harder. They claim it normally takes at least three weeks before you'll notice any changes. I'll post my results in another month or two, positive or negative.

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