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Nairobi inundated with byproduct of illegal abortions



Jun 3, 2003
Nairobi inundated with byproduct of illegal abortions
allAfrica |
"At least three foetuses are found in various parts of Nairobi every day, according to a senior police officer. The bodies are usually left in city streets and garbage sites in estates, provincial police chief King'ori Mwangi said, yesterday. In the latest incident, yesterday, dogs dragged a foetus to the Ministry of Agriculture headquarters and started feasting on it, as employees watched in horror... 'Our officers are traumatised. They have to collect two or three abandoned foetuses every day.' Last Thursday, police and the provincial administration found 20 babies at a garbage site... The city police chief said they had taken to the Government Chemist samples from the 20 foetuses for DNA tests. 'We believe the results will help us track down the mothers and charge them in court,' Mr Mwangi added."