Nader pullin some help from the repubs


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Jun 3, 2003
Republicans helping Nader get on the ballot
New York Times |
"Republicans and some conservative groups in Oregon, Arizona and Wisconsin are feverishly, if not cynically, mobilizing to get [Ralph Nader] on ballots in those states in a drive to siphon votes from the likely Democratic nominee, Senator John Kerry... Officials with the Bush campaign said they had nothing to do with the efforts by conservatives to get Mr. Nader on state ballots, although they acknowledged that some campaign volunteers might have been lobbying voters to support the effort to get Mr. Nader on the ballot. 'No Bush-Cheney paid campaign staffers were making calls to encourage Republicans to help Ralph Nader,' said Tracey ScHydromaxitt, a spokeswoman for the Bush campaign. 'But the campaign certainly understands that when Republican volunteers see that there are Democratic volunteers trying to restrict the choice and keep Nader off the ballot, that they should work to expand the choice.'" [Does that mean unpaid Bush staffers are helping Nader?]