n2growing's routine

Jul 25, 2003
"n2growing's routine"
9/15/03 Time to make a gain

In no certain order! I will move around to see what works best for me. I have been back at it for about six weeks and not happy with the results (really none to speak of) so I thought I would stay more focused by putting brand new routine (to me) here. And update pretty close to every two weeks good or bad. So here goes.

1) Warm-up
2) "21" pump session *
3) V-stretches 15 total with 10 sec intervals and shake and repeat
4) Penimaster right after and then get in at least 6 hours total w/breaks
5)100 Kegals thru-out the day
6) Crank rotations 10 times in each direction
7) 10 minute jelq session and increase 5 minutes every two weeks

I think I will leave out the hanging this month since I haven't hung since end of August anyway (when I got PM) and also since I don't want to overload my unit. Any of you experts out there let me know what you think will you. Otherwise I will throw hanging into mix next month as well as a longer jelq session.

* I deemed the "21" pump for 7 minutes then do "21" reps of the old milk the penis and then shake around, then start again two more times for a total of "21" minutes in the pump and 3 jelqs sessions of "21" each.
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