Well this is my third go around and they say the third times the charm so here I go. I started in 5/23/00 that lasted appx 2 months got about 1/4" and then stopped (lost 1/4 that I gained) and then started 716/02 and that lasted about a month and 1/2 then I stopped again after about 1/4" gain again. Well by 8/01/03 when I started again I lost it again easy come easy go..Well the good news I almost got it back already.. Now everything else is All Good.

Starting size erect nbp 6"
Starting size erect bp 6 1/2"
Starting size girth 5"
Starting size flaccid 3 - 3 1/2

Now size erect nbp 6 1/4" + 8/11/03
Now size erect bp 6 3/4" appx
Now size girth 5"
Now size flaccid 4" +

Goal 9"ENBP
Goal ebp 9"+
Girth 6 1/2
Flaccid 5 1/2" +

I'm committed this time too many of you guys are making great gains and I want it this time {so does wifey }

I'm posting pictures for reference..Also one photoshopped with goal measurement...


This is a real picture along with a photoshopped one to show now size and goal SIZE...:D
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Damn not one response good or bad...this is a tough forum..:(
The last picture is both my pictures one is just photoshopped, I thought it made for a good goal picture, kinda of a way to really visualize it.:D

I guess this is what happens when your average...:confused:


Hey, nice pics! We're about the same size (except ya got me beat in girth!) with similar goals. Race ya! :D
Originally posted by brennaja
Hey, nice pics! We're about the same size (except ya got me beat in girth!) with similar goals. Race ya! :D
Race for gains = Competition....And competition is good

I like the idea...

First off post some pics under your user name enbp & ebp with a ruler..They should match your measurements listed..

5.65" NBPenis EnlargementL
6.4" BPenis EnlargementL
4.35" EG

5.9" NBPenis EnlargementL
6.6" BPenis EnlargementL
4.4" EG

You got a bit of a headstart but not much..

In six months the one with the biggest gains wins $20..)
We also have to post once a month on gains and do a picture again at three months and at six months with a ruler..

Sound interesting to you I hope since you brought it up..I've done this before with weightlifting and it helps motivate people, including myself..

What better way to visualize it, right.

brennaja~~ where are you I'm calling you out in good fun..
A friendly wager...

Mainly do it for yourself! Second for your wife or girlfriend, third for the lousy $20
Originally posted by Jaz
Nice Size Package, Very Good Girth. Is the Photoshopped Picture the Goal your going for?

Yes the photoshopped one is my goal and that shall rip into the wifey to give her a fine line between pain and pleasure..;)

"Yeah man, nice pictures"

Thx, I wanted to post for good comparision in six and then a year.
10" finally (I wish) but I did get a whole 1/4" inch :)

7" BPenis EnlargementL
6.5" NBPenis EnlargementL
basically 5" girth

I will catch all you big dicks some decade! rofl



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I WISH I did what ya doing now ........these OLD pix in a years time will spur ya on more.
I NEVER had a camera or shit when I started, not even access to the net .... welll College but I kept getting kicked of for violating the TOS by viewing porn :D.

I had one image I scanned of my cock say 3 years ago.....but guess what? I binned it ARGHHHHHH cos it was as I remember SMALLER < alot , than what I have now .... damn I just wish I had a camera than or that old picture .... was miles before I started Penis Enlargement.
If I had them now than I would look at them when down to spur me on, at the moment I can still look at last years pix, but it aint the same .... so ya done a good thing here.


Nice penis man. What are you doing to get that big glans? All of these people posting have these nice big heads on the end of their penises and here I am with a nice size (7.5ish x 5.25ish) but my head is tiny! I've done zillions of Ulis and whatnot and still nothing. Maybe it will get better with this clamping routine I'm starting on.

Anyway, really good gains you're getting there. Keep it up.
REDZULU2003 --- You are right, it will be cool to look back over time and compare pictures. So I will continue to take them every time I get a 1/4" gain.

9cyclops9 --- Thx for the compliment. I don't do anything for the head. I think it would be much better to have small head and have a shaft that kept get bigger all the way down to the base. That way you ease in and really stretch her as you slide it in. Thx again though, I really want the gains this time so I plan to stay around.
Well almost 9 months later of going strong and nothing not even a fraction of a inch. I must have iron lig's holding my dick back! I have done everything from pumping to DLD's programs and alot of the PJ. For almost 3 weeks now I have been hanging also morning and night. You guys that make quick gains or any gains for that matter consider yourselfs very LUCKY! This is insane ?:(
By 9 months later of going strong, what exactly do you mean? Did you do length excercises every day consistently? If you hang 6-7 days a week, your penis will have no choice but to grow as soon as you find that magic weight.

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