Jun 23, 2003
Let me start by giving you a brief background of my wife and I. My name is
Richard and I am a computer professional responsible for the operation of a
large IT department and my wife Lisa is in retail sales. I am 34 years old, 6'
tall, and weigh 185lbs with brown hair and eyes. My wife is 28 and absolutely
gorgeous, she stands 5'4"and weighs 125lbs with blonde hair and green eyes, she
has a nice set of 38C breasts that are wonderful to behold and likes to keep
her pussy clean shaven which I assumed was because of her fascination with
swimwear and therefore her bikini line.

We both are doing quite well in our careers and recently decided we would
like to try for a child. Our life was perfect or so I though until the
following events changed my life forever, I have yet to determine if it was
changed for the better or worse! Our sex life has always been great, although
admittedly she is sometimes more then I can handle. Some nights having her way
with me two or three times until I just can't get my 5" cock up anymore. We had
known each other since she was 20 and I had only been with two other women
before her and neither encounter was that good. I wasn't very experienced and
my wife has taught me everything I know, and I must say I try to be a good
student! I have never questioned how she learned all these neat tricks and just
enjoyed the sensations she was able to bring out in me. She was great at giving
head and even had me fuck her in the ass one night which totally blew my mind,
by the way she seem to enjoy this very much! My wife had always told me that
she was brought up in a very "prudish" family and that I was only her second
lover. Lisa also told me she had been engaged to the guy that took her
virginity and she broke up with him only a month before the wedding when she
came home one afternoon early from work and found him fucking Kathy, her maid
of honor, while she was wearing Lisa's wedding dress. Needless to say that
should have ended a longtime friendship for Lisa and Kathy and it did for quite
some time.

That pretty much brings you up to date and you can understand why I found
it strange when I came home one evening and my wife told me she had agreed to
be the maid of honor at Kathy's wedding! Now if you had a friend that screwed
around with your "significant other" would you agree to this? I found it odd
and asked my wife why she had agreed to do it. Lisa told me that what
transpired between them had happened long ago and she missed her best friend
immensely, she also told me that if it wasn't for Kathy we would probably not
be married, so in an odd way "owed her one". We'll she made this sound rational
enough so I told her if she felt good about this then more power to her. She
told me the wedding was in three weeks and that I was invited to attend as
well. What the hell I thought, it may be a good party and anyhow and it would
be nice to get out for the evening. Apparently many of Lisa's high school
friends would be there as well as she and Kathy were apparently quite popular
during their high school years. I had heard Lisa speak in general terms about
Kathy but had never actually met her so had no idea what to expect.

Well the wedding date finally arrived and that morning as we were getting
ready to go my wife seemed even hornier then usual. She would brush her fingers
over my cock every chance she got and told me that tonight would be a night I
would never forget. She added, "who knows, I may even get knocked up tonight
Honey!". My wife spent quite some time "primping" and even shaved her pussy for
the occasion; needless to say she looked better then ever. The dress she was
wearing was cut very low and was also quite short for a wedding; it looked more
like a dress suitable for a hot date instead of a formal wedding ceremony! Lisa
did not put on any underwear saying she did not want those darned panty lines
and apparently a bra was not needed either as she chose not to wear one. She
had that fuck-me look and was stunning, what a lucky man I am!

We left for the wedding at about 10:30am and once we arrived Lisa said her
good-byes and went off to be with the wedding party. I was sitting towards the
back of the church and alone during the service due to the fact that my wife
was in the wedding party and I didn't know anyone. It was practically empty
this far back as it was a huge church and most of the people were towards the
front. There was a group of three guys directly behind me engaged in a
startling conversation that I couldn't help but overhear. One of the guys,
whose name seemed to be John, was saying how he had been engaged to Lisa, the
maid of honor years ago but had to break it off. He said his family would never
have understood if he married such a slut and apparently a few members of his
family knew what she was capable of! He started recounting a story about how he
had taken Lisa to the their camp in the mountains one weekend and she ended up
getting drunk then fucking and sucking his brother and father while she thought
he was passed out upstairs drunk. Little did she know he had videotaped the
entire scene from the loft above the living room and he bragged to his friends
how that tape still gets passed around to this day! The final straw came,
according to this guy, when he came home early from work one day and found Lisa
naked and giving head to two of his co-workers while his boss was fucking her
up the ass right in the middle of his living room. She had cum all over her and
just smiled and licked their cocks when she saw him standing there and told his
boss to keep fucking her ass.

Well this couldn't be my wife, could it? I mean she is the maid of honor and
her name is Lisa but how could this be true? My mind was reeling and I wasn't
sure what to think. On one hand I had my wife's assurance of the reason for her
prior breakup and about her "prudish" upbringing. On the other hand there was a
group of total strangers saying things that boggled my mind. I decided that
John was probably just making up a good story for his friends and decided to
give my wife the benefit of the doubt. I made a mental note to ask her about
this later.

Only the bride and groom were riding in the Limo so I found Lisa and we
headed to the reception after the service was done. The reception was being
held in a lodge quite a ways off the beating path and the drive took around 45
minutes. During the drive my wife ended up flashing her tits to a couple of
passing cars, and giving me head until I almost wrecked the damn car, I had to
make her stop before I had the chance to cum so we wouldn't get killed! I had
no idea what had gotten into her but honestly I was having the time of my life.
We had a bottle of wine in the car and she had two Styrofoam cups full during
the drive to get ready to party. I did not want to bring up the conversation I
had heard at the church earlier and ruin her day, better to save that for
another time I decided.

When we arrived at the reception my wife went to the head table and rejoined
the wedding party. I sat with a group of about 10 people and struck up a
conversation with a couple of guys about football and other "guy" stuff. Well,
the drinks were flowing and I lost track of time as we discussed last week's
games. I saw my wife dancing a few times with a couple of guys and she seemed
to be having a good time. Occasionally she seemed to be having too good a time
as I saw a few guys "accidentally" rub her ass while slow dancing. The dancing
was not unusual, as I do not care to dance and she often dances with other guys
because she does enjoy it so much, but the ass rubbing is another story!

After a few hours I was feeling no pain at all as the drinks were still
flowing freely and I had good company. It was at this point that the bride,
Kathy, came to my table and introduced herself to me. She was stunning and had
changed out of her wedding dress into a dress very similar to the model my wife
was wearing. As she leaned over to speak to me above the drone of the music I
had a crystal clear view of her tits and rock hard nipples down the front of
her dress. She noticed me openly staring at her breasts, with my mouth agape
and just smiled and said, "its no wonder Lisa married you, she was the
naughtiest girl I have ever known!". I wasn't sure if that was a compliment for
Lisa or not! She then said her good-byes and made her way to the next table.

It was then that I looked out on the dance floor and there was my wife
dancing with John, the guy I had heard discussing her earlier at the church.
She was smiling and dancing rather suggestively and it was then I began to
worry a bit. I am not extremely jealous but after hearing what this guy had
said I didn't think it was a good idea to let this continue unabated. I got up
and slowly made my way to the dance floor. My wife saw me coming and stopped
dancing to introduce us. She said "this John a friend of mine from high
school". I shook his hand and he smiled at me in a way that seemed rather odd
and made me feel somewhat uncomfortable, perhaps he had noticed me sitting in
front of him at the church earlier in the day. He told me what a lucky guy I
was to have such a beautiful wife and that he and Lisa used to be "real" good
friends. My wife appeared to be blushing and asked me what I was doing. I told
her that I had met a couple of guys and we were just talking about sports and
stuff. She made a face and told me to have fun and asked if I minded if she
resumed dancing with John. Believe it or not at his point I looked down and
John's hand was resting on my wife's ass cheek, rubbing it slowly through her
dress. Not wanting to seem like a possessive jerk because she seemed to be
having so much fun I told her "not at all".

I meant to keep an eye on them and did for about 20 minutes during which
time they continued to dance rather lewdly and John hands again occasionally
found there way to my wife's ass but eventually I went back to my table and
again lost track of time. After another hour or so I looked around for Lisa. I
could not see her anywhere in the building and started to get worried. Figuring
that Kathy would know where she was I approached the head table and asked her
if she knew were Lisa went. She just smiled and said Lisa had told her she was
going out to have some "fun, just like the old days". As I was making my way
out of the building I also noticed that John was conspiculisely absent.

Still not believing what I had heard earlier in the day I decided to head
outside and see if I could find her. I searched all around the building and
they were no where to be found, in a last ditch effort I made my way up a hill
to a parking lot bordered by the woods on one side. As I entered the back of
that lot I saw the other two guys who had been with John earlier at the church
standing next to a van in the parking lot having a cigarette. I decided to go
that way and ask them if they had seen my wife. As I approached them they were
laughing and appeared drunk as hell, one of them whose named was Matt slapped
me on the back like I was some long lost buddy. Before I had a chance to ask
about my wife's whereabouts they started jabbering excitedly. They were talking
about how the maid of honor was fucking their friend right now and how damn hot
she was. They said she had come out here to smoke a joint with all three of
them and after they got high they even talked her into showing them her big
tits. The other guy whose name was Rob said they were unbelievable with rock
hard nipples and she even had let them touch her tits and pinch her nipples
while she toked. They said that John had told them to wait out here and had
just gone into the van with her. He had also told them she was such a horny
slut that after he primed her up they could both have her, along with anyone
else who happened to pass by!

I decided to play along until I could figure out what was really going on
here. It was at this moment that I noticed the van was moving ever so slightly
and I could hear muffled voices inside. My heart was saying that there was no
way my wife was in that van but my mind was reeling from the sheer amount of
evidence leading up to this point. I still doubted that she could be in there
until I heard her unmistakable voice say loudly, "Oh John, what a NICE big
cock!" Well although I was certainly sure that she was in there now I still
wanted to play along and I asked these guys if they thought she would mind one
more. Matt told me that if half of what John says is true that shouldn't be a
problem! "But", he said, "you go after me" and laughed. Not wanting to upset or
tip these guys off I said that wouldn't be a problem.

I was uncertain at that point what I was feeling. I was upset because here
I was standing in a parking lot while some guy was apparently getting ready to
fuck my wife just feet away. However my cock was getting rock hard and I really
wanted to find out for sure what was going on. The van started moving more
steadily and I could hear John talking to my wife. He was saying things like
"Do you like my cock Lisa?", "I see you are still a horny little slut", "Your
husband has no idea what a slut he married does he?". I heard her respond and
that sentence is still burned into my head until this day, my beautiful wife of
eight years said, "No he doesn't so just fuck me with your big cock John, what
he doesn't know won't hurt him. Fill my pussy with your cum!". At that moment I
didn't know if I would stay with her or not but I did know that I had to see
what was going on. I heard John groan loudly and announce that he was going to
cum. Lisa then told him to cum in her and screamed in delight as she eagerly
encouraged him to fill her pussy, that was another strike against her as we
were trying to conceive and she was not using any birth control.

After a couple of minutes I heard the back doors to the van opening up. I
stepped back into the shadows of the nearby woods as I did not want a scene at
this point in time and John would recognize me as Lisa's husband. The lights
inside the van were on and I could see my wife brazenly lying there naked. John
was dressed and told his friends he was going inside for a drink but they were
welcome to stay out here and "have some fun". He just walked away and left the
van doors opened. Luckily the doors opened towards the woods so it offered some
privacy but from my vantage point I could see in clearly.

Lisa seemed to be either really drunk or just didn't care about the current
state of undress she was in. She saw the two guys standing there and openly
fingered her pussy and smiled right at them. She beckoned with her finger to
Rob and he got in the van with her but left the doors wide open, I guess the
need for modesty was gone at this point. It was really dark outside so I made
my way back towards the doors while staying out of my wife's sight. I didn't
need to be careful for long, as she quickly became distracted. She started
kissing Rob while still rubbing her hands over and into her wet pussy. She was
telling him how she hadn't had this much fun in a long, long time, not since
she and Kathy use to gang-bang the football team after all the away games on
the bus trip home! She quickly added that the bus driver had his fun with them
too and even took pictures! He wasted no time in taking off his clothes and my
wife seemed to find what she was looking for. She grabbed his cock, which
appeared to be much bigger, then my 5" dick and quickly engulfed it in her
mouth. I watched as she skillfully sucked his cock. She appeared to be doing a
much better job then any porno star I had ever seen on tape and I knew from
experience what she was capable of. This guy was going out of his mind while
she bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock and played with his balls. He
played with her tits as she sucked him off and I could tell it wouldn't be long
now. I saw my wife shove her finger up Rob's ass while licking the underside of
his nuts and he loudly announced that he was going to cum, it was then I heard
Lisa tell him to shoot all over her face. He grabbed his cock and pointed it
directly at her pretty face and blasted away. She was moaning and groaning as
his hot cum splattered against her face. She was also furiously fingering her
clit at the same time, John was right; she is a hot slut!

After painting my wife's face with cum Rob got dressed and muttered
something about getting another drink as well. Matt, the other guy was so
turned on that he stripped completely while still standing outside the van. His
fucking cock was huge and he saw me staring at it. He gave that monster a
couple of strokes and I swear it was ten inches at that point. He told me that
'this girl is going to take some real cock in that pussy now!". At that instant
I heard her say, "Who's next!", I couldn't believe it! Matt climbed in and she
appeared very happy to see him. She told him how her husband didn't really
satisfy her sexually and she wanted some new cock. She also told him that they
were trying for children and she was especially fertile tonight! When she saw
the monster hanging between Matt's legs her eyes lit up like a kid in a candy
shop . As she was lying their Matt played with her tits, paying special
attention to her nipples, pinching and rolling them between his fingers. This
was turning her on even more. She was so hot that she was totally oblivious to
anything else.

I was so hard myself that I couldn't take it anymore and dropped my pants
to my knees and starting stroking my own cock. I had to be careful as it felt
like I was going to explode and I didn't want to get caught here with my pants
down around my ankles! I watched as Matt made her hotter then I imagined
possible. He was calling her his slut wife, while playing with her tits with
one hand he would take the other and let his fingers slowly rub up and down her
wet slit. Her whole body was quivering and I wasn't sure how much more she
could take. Matt's cock looked huge and very hard and she found it with her
left hand. From my vantage point I could see her playing with his cock while he
checked out her hot body. I could also see the glint from her wedding ring as
she grasped his hard cock and tried to put it all in her mouth. She diligently
did her best to give Matt one of her expert blowjobs but couldn't get the whole
thing in her mouth. She made up for that shortcoming by lapping all over this
guy's cock with her tongue and even licking his ass. I heard Lisa tell him to
fuck her face even though she could barely get half the thing in her mouth on
her own. Matt was more then happy to oblige and began to pump his big cock in
and out of her pretty mouth. She was a fucking wet dream come true, licking and
slurping this guy's cock with reckless abandon while gagging from the sheer
size of his organ. She finally told him to stop as she couldn't take it
anymore and needed to be fucked by his cock. Matt had her get down on all fours
facing into the van and this position afforded me a perfect view of her ass and
pussy as he prepared to pound her doggy style. I could see her big tits hanging
down and her cleanly shaven pussy and ass were on display for Matt and anyone
behind the van for that matter. Matt then got behind her and took his cock and
rubbed it up and down her slit until she was begging him to shove it in. He
seemed to enjoy teasing her and continued to just rub her pussy lips with the
big bulbous head of his cock. I swear her fucking pussy was dripping she was so
wet! Finally with one incredible lunge he shoved his cock into her and started
pounding her relentlessly.

I was standing there beating off furiously watching her get fucked. She was
practically screaming and the van was rocking like mad. I was so engrossed in
the show I didn't notice anything until I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.
Fuck, here I was with my pants around my ankles, beating off, and my wife was
getting fucked right in front of me. I turned around and there was John and the
bride, Kathy, smiling at me. He asked me what I thought about my sweet wife now
and if I was enjoying the show. Kathy noticed my hard cock poking out into the
night air and said by the looks of that little thing you are! I didn't know
what to say or do so I just continued to watch as Matt slapped my wife's ass
while fucking her. She went crazy and told him to spank her because she was
being "bad" and he really got into it, leaving red hand marks on her ass. John
told me that she was the best fuck he had ever had and he was sorry that I had
to find out this way but once a slut always a slut! I told him that although I
was upset I was also extremely turned on by the whole situation. Kathy told me
that Lisa had been her best friend and that they were both sluts back in
school, a couple of cheerleaders gone bad she said. They were real party girls
willing to do about anything for some smoke or coke.

I couldn't believe I was standing there with my pants down talking to this
gorgeous woman who had just got married. All of a sudden she reached out and
grabbed hold of my cock! Wow, here I am watching some guy fuck my wife while
the new bride is playing with my dick. Kathy turned to John and said, "I bet he
comes in less then a minute". She got on her knees in front of me, careful not
to block my view of my slutty wife, and quickly put my entire cock in her
mouth. While completely engulfing my 5" cock she used her tongue to lick my
balls at the same time. To top it off she started fingering my asshole, that's
all it took and I shot my cum straight down her throat in less then 45 seconds.
She laughed and said thanks for the snack and say hi to Lisa for me, then went
back to her reception.

At that point Matt slapped my wife's ass hard once more and then pumped
what must have been a gallon of cum into her hungry pussy, that ought to plant
a seed I thought to myself. She had a massive orgasm and just lay there
quivering as cum leaked out of her hot shaved pussy. Matt just lay there as
well, apparently needing a little time to recuperate.

At this point John told me that things were going to be different from now
on. I asked him what he meant and he told me that since I now knew what a slut
my wife was I had two choices. I could leave her or I could agree to let him
and his friends come to my house and fuck her whenever they wanted. I asked him
if my wife had agreed to this proposition and he said "not yet, but I don't
think she'll have any objections". I thought about my choices and decided that
I loved my wife and would do anything to keep her. So I told him that if it was
what Lisa wanted then I would agree to his proposition.

John smiled and then started taking off his clothes again. Lisa still did
not know I was outside the van and was slowly regaining her composure after her
latest orgasm. She saw John climb back into the van and smiled again while
licking her lips. John told Lisa to get over here and suck his cock and she
dutifully obeyed without hesitation. She was again giving John one of her
well-practiced, professional blowjobs. While watching the action Matt's cock
had again grown to it's previous size and he was ready for some more action
himself. John then told Lisa that Matt was going to fuck her ass while he
fucked her fertile pussy. All Lisa could do was squeal in delight. I couldn't
believe it, she had only once let me fuck her ass and now she was willing to
put that monster in there? I watched as she climbed on top of John and sank her
pussy down on his hard cock. She sighed in delight and collapsed on his chest
her big tits hanging in his face. John wasted no time pawing at and fondling
her big tits. In that position her asshole was exposed to Matt's gaze and I
think he liked what he saw. He took some Vaseline and lubed her ass up real
good before getting behind her and slowing sliding the entire length of his
shaft deep inside her hot little ass. She was going wild! They must have both
fucked her for ten minutes before simultaneously cuming in her pussy and ass.
Matt announced that he had enough and thanked my wife by saying "see you later
slut". She just smiled at him and waved goodbye.

John then told her that he had a surprise, Lisa again smiled and said she
loved surprises! It was at that point that he called me into the van with them.
Lisa was flabbergasted; she did not know what to say and looked very confused.
John told her that I saw everything and knew what a slut she really was. Lisa
begged me not to leave her and said she was sorry. While she was trying to
convince me of her sorrow John started rubbing her ass very slowly. She looked
at me with pleading eyes and continued to apologize while John slipped a finger
into her bald, cum filled pussy. I could tell she was torn now, she wanted to
maintain her life and marriage but couldn't resist the stirrings in her pussy
at the moment. I told her that it was OK and I had enjoyed the show very much.
While still a bit confused she did appear to be relaxing a bit. John told me to
show my wife how much I had enjoyed her show. I slowly lowered my face to her
pussy and ran my tongue up and down her wet slit. She really seemed to enjoy
that and it was then that I felt John's hand push my head deeper towards her
cum filled pussy. I knew what he wanted me to do and although I had never
tasted cum before I wanted to please John and my wife. I liked and sucked at
her pussy like a madman until she begged me to stop. I must say I did a good
job and thouroughly enjoyed myself and cleaned her pussy good.

John told me that his cock was not hard yet and pulled my head towards his
dick. I had never sucked a cock before but it seemed I was going to get my
chance. I did my best and actually found myself enjoying the feeling of his
cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I started holding his balls while licking
the shaft and was really getting into it when John pushed me aside and thrust
his cock back into Lisa's pussy. He thanked me for cleaning out my wife's pussy
and told me I did a decent job of giving head as well. He started pumping into
my wife and she responded by pushing her hips up to meet his thrusts. I watched
as John's cock slid in and out of my sweet wife's pussy and I could see his
balls slapping her ass as he fucked her. She seemed oblivious to my presence
and was encouraging him to fuck her harder.

After a while Lisa called my name and told me to rub his balls while he
fucked her. I did as she asked and was even surprised to find myself licking
John's big sack as he rammed his cock into my wife. I was ready to cum again
and my cock was actually hurting. Finally John let go a huge load in her pussy;
I could feel his balls swell and contract as I milked them for him. When he got
off of my wife I could see another huge mess in her pussy. She told me to put
my cock in there and mix my cum with his. She told me that there was a good
chance she was going to get pregnant tonight and wanted some of my cum in there
too. I fucked her well-used pussy for a total of twenty seconds before blasting
into her sloppy cunt. God that felt good, the best twenty seconds ever and I
had already cum once before! This time it was my wife who guided my head
between her legs to lick her swollen pussy and clean the excess cum out for

This all happened six months ago and my wife is three months pregnant now. We
are looking forward to our first child and I'll love it even though it may not
be mine. John and many of his friends love to stop by when they are in the area
and fuck my wife. Sometimes I am there but more often then not I'll come home
after work to find her sleeping and freshly fucked with a big content smile on
her face. My wife is the most popular girl in town, seems very happy, and I get
to enjoy the show sometimes but always get to clean up after the party if you
know what I mean!
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Jun 3, 2003
I can't believe I read the whole thing. Wow.


Jun 23, 2003
I guess you liked it LOL,

And no it wasnt my story or about me.


Jun 3, 2003
ctmwm said:
I guess you liked it LOL,

And no it wasnt my story or about me.
About half way through I abondonned any chance of this being a true story. It actually did make me kinda horny though, in a weird way.


LMAO, just about to say if this was true how much of a total MUG you are but hell it made a good read.


Active member
Jun 20, 2003
I don't spend much time on this part of the forum, but I have read this and a couple more stories. Now, I know these things are written by horny people with English degrees that have not managed to find a decent job, but I am always amazed at how you can read 10 dirty stories and 8 of them will be about how much some guy enjoyed watching his wife get fucked by other guys. :confused: Is this an epidemic within our society? LOL

The part that totally lost was was the dude giving head. Sorry but that just ruins such a story for me, personally. :O


Jun 23, 2003
I hear ya on that. There is soooo many sites with good stories / tales /true episodes out there. I must have been on an "adult theater" kick when I came across it. Its all Jaz's fault he started with with the whole "Glory Hole" subject and it got me surfing.


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Jun 20, 2003
The porn writers seemingly have to push it a little further to get the same shock effect that keeps people reading.


Jun 23, 2003
penguinsfan said:
The porn writers seemingly have to push it a little further to get the same shock effect that keeps people reading.
So True!


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Jun 20, 2003
Ever read the letters in Penthouse? I'm guessing you probably have at some point. They're probably the most famous erotic stories. I'm not a porn fanatic and I don't even have any lying around, but I've read a number of erotic stories over the years from Penthouse. I swear, you read them and they have this feel like they're all written by the same person or small group of writers. You can read through some shit and look at an issue a year later and it just has the same feel. I don't know if it's similar grammar or exactly what. Guess I can't just put a finger on it. Anyone else notice this?


Jun 23, 2003
You are SO right! They really should change styles more often


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Jul 13, 2003
i read that and i got turned on to some degree, however i got more pissed than turned on. i would have broken johns jaw, matts and that other mother fucker too. then drag her out to the party with the cum still on her face and say "who ever wants her take her. we're gettin a divorce now"

The Artist

Oct 10, 2003
samzman said:
i read that and i got turned on to some degree, however i got more pissed than turned on. i would have broken johns jaw, matts and that other mother fucker too. then drag her out to the party with the cum still on her face and say "who ever wants her take her. we're gettin a divorce now"
Dude, I'd be in prison for fucking murder. When I saw that fuck grab my wife's ass on the dance floor I would've beat his ass right there soo fucking hard he'd cry, but back to the van...I would've done some shit I'd regret not jerk off while 3 dudes ran a train on my wife..regardless of what she did years ago in High School. I'm pretty sure this is made up though...any real man would've been kicking some ass and definately kicked that whore's whore to the curb. Nobody fucks with my woman, I'll fold you up like a mother fucking lounge chair and feed you your balls; I don't give a fuck who you are! That's my attitude on it. LMAO I'm a cool cat though, regardless I wouldn't stand for shit like this. When it comes to my wife/GF it's on like fucking donkey kong...A lot of my friends are like "You fuck with my girl....I'll kill ya" plain and simple. A married woman she should've been like, "get your hands off my ass you perv" and walked away....shit...No one would've been dancing with my wife but me and I'd have my hands all over that ass just to let every other fuck know what's up. This story was fake as shit though without a doubt in mind...LMAO I wanna go listen to some pantera and kick some dude's ass now LMAO


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Jun 20, 2003
Really. I don't think stuff like this is all that common. It's bullshit written to turn someone on, and it does that for some people.


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Sep 30, 2004
penguinsfan said:
Really. I don't think stuff like this is all that common. It's bullshit written to turn someone on, and it does that for some people.
:hammering :hammering

dude get some glasses, we live in a sick world this stuff does happen, maybe not often, but it does. i would beat the shit out of those guys, divorce that slut and go fuck the bride to prove a point.


Jun 23, 2003
GUYS GUYS you gotta go easy relax, These are only stories. Just like Penthouse letters


Sep 27, 2006
MORAL OF THE STORY - Small dicks + Low self esteem = Cheating whorebag wife LOL

Guess thats why we're all here
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