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This is a repost from PP



I am posting this as its very effective.
I made this stretch my self and it is now apearing on CC and getting a good following.

This is one of three strethes I do in my routine.

This one called TOW {Tug Of War} I think is very good.

It is the same as your normal stretch , but in my opinion this one is alot more powerful and you get more stretch in the penis than the normal one's.

To do this exercise all you do is >>>>

1] Perform a hot wrap , make sure your flaccid

2} Than grip just under head of the penis with the okay grip, and with the pther hand grip about an inch away from that grip.

3} Now pull in opposite directions HARD, it will hurt a bit.

4] Hold this pull for 2/8seconds.

5] Repeat it moving along your penis pulling out all of it or the areas you really want to stretch .
The base is the hardest to do.

6] I would say do these for 10 / 15 minutes and after you have done them do a hot wrap .

The way these work is by creating pressure in the penis by pulling in opposite directions, this pulls the cells longer inside the penis with more force than a normal stretch , over time this will make it bigger.

Hope this can help,

If you have any comments than please post them.

I reckon this exercise it very good as it really gives a great inside stretch .

Here is another method I do with this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is another method you can use to get a good stretch .

I use this method in my 15 MIN Stretch session.

This method is works in the same way as the normal TOW but ut seems to put more pressure and stretch on the chambers.

To do this exercise just start of doing a normal TOW.

Now with the leading hand {The one pulling towards the head} turn to a direction, i.e. right or left at 90* so its a dead dtright lined turn and keep pulling while doing this,
Hold it for around 10 seconds than do it again on the other side.

Keep doin this but move around different areas of the shaft so you get a good all round stretch , i.e. after that move the back grip from the base to say an inch up along the shaft than get the leading hand and place about half an inch from that and begin doing a TOW than turn again.

Another sort of varient of this method is this >>>>> Do exactly the same thing only this time you only start like explained above all the time, from the base of the penis.

You will have the downward hand around the base and the foreward one an inch/half away.

Now do a TOW and pull the leading hand up and turn like mentioned above, this time though you should slide along the penis shaft up to the head, but slowly.

This pulls and forces with physics the tissues and cells to strtech and move and over time they will grow bigger.

Do as many as you want but remember not too hard and don't overdo.

I do about 20 of these altogether at separate inturvals in my stretch workout, but you decide your own.

Hope this helps, and remember to pull at medium to hard strength.

The TOW Stretch is my invention.


Also give it a riggle from time to time to put more pressure on the Tunicae.


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i know these exercises work very well, i started off with them when i was a PP and they deserve come credit.


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The twist 90 degrees makes it hella intense! NOT for newbies I would say.


I have been trying these out lately, they produce an amazing length stretch unlike anything else I have ever tried.
I read this thread at first but me being the weirdo I am I did em erect. I guess that was a good thing I seen instant gains. When I did them flaccid it felt like my skin was being torn to shit and it burned. When I did them erect I could feel the chambers stretching and after my shaft was sore from the inside so I knew erect TOW were working.
Something new for me to try. I am going to have to quit my job to try all of these things.
jakb said:
Something new for me to try. I am going to have to quit my job to try all of these things.
Are you serious??

Money comes before dick size my friend. Once you have money girls aint gonna care too much if you got the biggest dick in town.

Plus doing every excercise from the clamping guide would take hours and blow up your penis.
I'm gonna quit my job also. I think I'll set up a webcam so people can view me all day while I Penis Enlargement for 10 hours. And I'll charge money. Instant wealth overnight.
Smallguy44 said:
I'm gonna quit my job also. I think I'll set up a webcam so people can view me all day while I Penis Enlargement for 10 hours. And I'll charge money. Instant wealth overnight.

um... If you aren't joking I suggest you re-think your game plan boss.


I gotta say RED, this exercise and variations of it are probably the cause of a lot of my length gains and girth losses. My dick is like a pencil after doing them. It surprises me that it's your exercise considering your killer girth.
Anyway, Congrats on such a great exercise. I do the "Shaz-Tow" which is in my log if you're interested. :)


4governa said:
Is this really a girth killer? cuz that would suck
No, remember, the dick doesn't stretch like a peice of taffy. No exercise will make you smaller.


VERY good tunica stretch , and not only that, it works sections of the ligs, not just the base. But mostly, its an awesome tunica stretch for those that are looking to gain tunica length . I tried these bundled , and oh what a burn :). Yea, im a masochist, but oh well, if you can take the pain, more gain! These arent part of my normal routine, but they do give you something you can feel :)...



Originally posted by Gandolf
No exercise will make you smaller.
I think this is debatable. At the very least, I think you can do exercises that nullify the effects of other exercises. I highly suspect that doing the TOW after a girth workout kills any potential girth growth that the workout might have given you. I might be alone in this belief.
DLD, what do you think on this?

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