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I didnt want to post this in the "co-exist" thread cuz it was too long and there was no space for my own opinion lol. Basically for a little background, i am 20 years old and I went to a private, non denominational Christian school, (fundamentalist). I currently go to UCI (university of california irvine). Ive been a christian since i was 16 years old and still on my walk with Jesus. For those of you confused about really being a christian really is, im going to tell you in this thread in my opinion. I am no saint by the way, i sin, i make mistakes everyone does. But i try my best to stay clean and to do what is in God's will for me everyday.

I read a statistic yesterday that i thought was halarious and it was: 41% of America thinks that if they are American, then they are Christian. Now if you are apart of this 41% then you are dead wrong for fact (that was just a side thing)

Almost all of my friends are regular christians, so i have talked to them about being christlike many times and basically being a christian is not just being reborn again it is about holding a fellowship with God for the rest of your life. I will explain this later on. But what i want to talk about now is the difference between Believing that there is a God vs. Believing in God. If you Believe that there is a God that does not make you a Christian. I was in this stage for quite sometime before meeting some of my Christian friends when they explained it to me. What i have recieved from my friends is that believing that there is a God is just thinking, "oh theres a God up there and he is responsable for all my mistakes and hes the reason why I didnt get that promotion" and so you get this mentality that Your a christian so you can do whatever you please. This isnt correct in my opinion. The mentality you want to have is to believe in God. It is to believe that Jesus is the lord, and savior and it was him who was whipped unmercifully and he died for our sins. Remember this, it is because of you that Jesus was crucified. It was your sin that he did it. Why did he do it? because of Jesus' unconditionally love for each and everyone of us. Now another thing. If you know the story of Jesus and how he was crucified and the resurrection, or if you dont, I encourage you to go see the passion. This greatly impacted me in my Christian walk. It gave me a visualization, because it wasnt until this movie that i really saw what kind of pain he went through, and from what i hear from many pastor's and priests and articles etc. that it was actually a LOT worse then what was portrayed in the movie. So i greatly encourage everyone to see it (besides four of my friends saved themselves because of that movie alone).

Now you may not know how to be a Christian. Being a Christian, is having a one on one relationship through God. Thats it. Talking to him through prayer and just create that bond with him. This is what the heart of being a Christian basically is.

This brings me to another point about Being religious vs. Being a Christian. There is a BIG difference between these two things, and this ties it with have a one on one relationship with God. Ill give you an example to help explain this:
Say you on your high schools soccer team and you do everything for the team. Your the first one on the field, helping to set up the field lines and setting up cones for the drills, and your the last on off by putting everything back in the shed, all the gear back. Now you do all of this stuff, but you will not talk to a person (say his name is Josh). So your on the team and you do everything for the team, but you cant get along with a teammate. Can you see the relationship between this example and difference between being religious and being a Christian? Basically you can go to church, help with the community and go on church retreats but that doesnt mean your a christian. Being a Christian is about having an intimate, personal relation with the Lord.

But the first thing on being a Christian is being saved. I said earlier that some of my friends were saved after seeing the true emotional power of the "Passion of the Christ" and that is one thing. But basically in my opinion, being saved is a wonderful expirience. Being saved is the first time accepting Christ into your heart, and being your Lord and savior. It will change your life. This process of being saved is also called being born again, or a second virginity.I was saved in a Church by saying a simple prayer (sorry i dont really remember how it went) that basically said that i forever accept Your love and for sending your one and only son down to earth to show your compassion for us and for him dying on the cross, and i will forever accept Jesus Christ into my heart (that was basically the prayer heh). Again the expirience is very powerful and it a day you will never forget.

This article is my opinion on what a christian really is, and I think it is the most sensible way on what it really is. If you agree and you decide to save yourself, bless your big heart, if you disagree thats fine too. Although tis just an opinion i believe it is truly what is needed for being Christlike. Also remember that becoming like Christ in your Christian walk is not instant or an overnight thing, Im still learning about being a Christian, but its a long slow process that will take the rest of your life, because as it says in the bible, life on earth is only a temporary assignment, but your life in heaven will last an eternity.

Somethings you can do to learn is to just simply take out about 20 minutes out of your day, and to just read it, i mainly read the New Testament so just start at Matthew and read about 20 minutes in the morning. The thing about being a Christian also is about sticking with it. I read a parable about this same thing i suggest you read it to, it is in Matthew 13. Its called "The Parable of the Sower", read it then you will get an idea about what im talking about. So if you have any question on anything related to this or if you confused on whats a sin and whats not a sin or some stuff like that please PM me or something.
If you want to go deeper into this, then pick up the book "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. Truly a great book, for a far along Christian and for the beginning Christian.
heres a little verse that i just found.

"In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents"

- Luke 15:10
I was the one sinner who repent...

Don't blame me guy's... I'm just an asshole.... I cheated on my girlfriend and she hate's me... but she still comes over to fuck me!

Let's not talk about religion...

if u simply dont want to talk about religion then dont read this thread, i mean i have nothing against you and thats ok if you dont want to talk about it but this is the deep thought section and this is where we can talk about whats on our minds.


Yeah man be prepared for a few certain people to come in and start talking about how Christianity is a bunch of BS and we're idiots for beliving it and lots of other fun stuff. Whatever.

Anyway, good thread. Another good book that any Christian and anyone who has any questions about Christianity is Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. I'm reading it right now and its great. Also The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel. Great stuff.
awesome, ill go check that out, thanks man. Anyone have questions on anything relating to religion or anything they would just like to talk about?

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