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ever since i can remember i used to masterbate alot sometimes 3 times a day for years until finally one day i couldn't get an erection anymore and i was only 26 yrs old.this was all due to to much masterbating over a period of 13 yrs .i was devasted and didnt know what to do anymore so i turned to pe and it has brought life back in to me.after a month or so i got my erections back and now its been a year since ive been doing it and ive gained good thickness and length and most important my erections are stronger than i can remember my penis ever being since i was young.this stuff really works,i'm a prime example of it.i thank all the people who support pe.


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I got into Penis Enlargement because my erections were just too soft. When I did a search online for harder erections I found info on NATURAL Penis EnlargementNIS ENLARGEMENT. I did not believe I could enlarge my penis but I did have some faith in the harder erection part. Long story even longer:) I am much bigger now with extremely hard erections.

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