Jul 8, 2005
Hey guys,

i always tend to keep my personal problems to myelf .. but after reading through someof the posts i kinda felt releived to have opened my issues to you all. Please dont take it as a joke coz i am seriously upset with this issue.

I am a 19 year old virgin, things went a bit ruff with my ex. which ended up in a brutal break up. Long things short .. i had met with the love of my life. She is just awesome, everything that i ever wanted but all things must come to a bitter end for me.

yes as u mite have guessed, since this is a Penis Enlargement forum .. my problem relies with SIZE.
i am below average or what ever the statistics are 6inch bpel 5.5 nbpel 4.5 eg. she told me she was with a man who used to abuse her in the name of sex. as in he treated her very ruff. and she used to hate it a LOT . She was craving to be loved more than anything else.

as days went by so did some very true revelation, naming ly something which made me depressed. i was one day just stupidly asking about her ex's and their size. coz i was very confident of my unit as it seemed more than enuff for me ... but i learned to realise her EX. with whom she broke up just a year ago. had an 8 inch cock. and that too she said in such a manner whioch clearly showed she was HAPPY with that size. here are the words which she used "the one i had was FREAKING HUGE"
she also revealed she loved it RUFF inside her, but maybe the guys treatment to her was disturbing to her as he used to beat her down to the ground after sex.

though at the beginning she just said he was a 6 incher. later she said with assurity it was a max of 7 inches but after a while later "correction ... he was an 8 incher" just those three lines just pummelled my self esteem down the drain. she said all measurement using a measuring tape .. the 6 inch was said as an estimate then one day she measure the 7 inches with a scale but after like 5 minutes she measured again and stated it was an 8 inch

i want to grow in size as of now coz i want to be the biggest for her. i cant leave her coz she is very emotionally dependable on me ... and i even made her squirt with my oral skills, apparently i am very good at foreplay and manipulation and oral. but when it comes to just fucking ... it brings me low. coz HOW THE HECK WOULD A GURL BE SATISFIED WITH A 6 INCH when she just had an 8 Inch SHOVED INTO HER recently.

and top of that i have fears of pre-ejac since i never fucked anyone :(

i would be grately thankful if u could answer my problem. i want to build myself so i can make her beg me to please her. BTW i showed her my unit ... all i got were " ITS SO YUMMY" "its making me very wet" "I love the shape of your head" but never the WORDS "HUGE" or like what my enemy got "FREAKING HUGE"

i am starting to Penis Enlargement seriously from tomorrow. Dec the 13th. wish me luck.
I would love to seek advices on motivation, and being a man ... more that that bastard who just abused my love emotionally but yet in the end made her love the feeling of an 8 inch.

Thanks a lot for readin <:(


Its a marathon, not a sprint!
Jun 3, 2003
Mate, I'm truely sorry to hear and read about all this because I think it strikes all us men.

Your girlfreind, like many woman probably can't measure very well and estimation is poor hence the 6 inches became finally 8 inches and how did she really remember that? Did you have a row with her at all recently when this size issue has popped up? Maybe she is telling the truth? It really doesnt matter.

Look at it like this. Your great at oral sex and foreplay which MANY MEN ARE HOPenis EnlargementLESS at, I being a lucky master of the art ;) infact I prefer it to the actual sex but anyway you are good at that from what you say and now have become low mentally from this dick bashing.

Try to let it roll over your back like water to a duck.
Perhaps reason with her calmly that size doesnt really matter, and that its foreplay and oral that really matter plus LOVE....that matters.

Finally, you can make it longer....dont be sad because you can have that massive wong. I would advise you hit DLDs newbie routine and save up for a BTC Vacuum hanger and Auto Extender.


Sep 10, 2005
My thoughts: the Penis Enlargement is great, and I think that if you're in a good relationship, which you seem to be, and if you're not in a hurry to reach your goals (read; are able to hold off on sex or "calmly stick it to 'er" as I believe Red suggested) then you're not in a bad place.

If I read your post right, she's a wonderful girl who loves you for reasons probably more important than sex and whatnot, and she's not going to be wholly dissatisfied with you for not being as large as people she's been with before.

Also, You say she's seen your member. It doesn't seem like she's appalled by it or anything, and I doubt she is, so that's cool.

One last thing, and I'm only saying this because of my own experiences (it may not be necessary): be careful not to let your concern over your penis affect the rest of your relationship. After all, it is just a penis, and as we all know you can make it bigger, so keep on enjoying your relationship :)... you seem like what I'd call a "good man", so keep at it and you'll be bigger in no time :).


Jan 19, 2005
You feel bad now.

But in two years you wont.

If you continue this for 2 years 8" is ver attainable
But you wont be happy for just that reason.
But also because the human mind wont let you destory yourself for that long.
You'll be over this issue soon enough. Life is just too short to give a fuck.

You have a lot of positives

Positives are these:

You WILL have a big dick
You HAVE a great girl
You are NICE person ( By the sounds of it )

The latter is by far the most important thing in the world. Far more than sex. As my Mum always says "if you've got respect, you've got everything".
Thats true, and having respect for yourself mentally, by not putting yourself down, and turning around saying "I dont give a fuck", and changing things is a type of self respect.

What doesn't kill you, definately makes you stronger. You have the power to get over ANYTHING! I mean that. It's all about your mental outlook. If you look at all the positives you have to enjoy in life, and whats inside yourself, not just sex and do this Penis Enlargement seriously, it'll feel like a really good achievement when you reach your goal.

Not just pyschically but mentally.

Lifes just a lesson


Jan 19, 2005
Think of it like this.

What if you suddenly decided "I dont give a fuck about sex"

"Whys the whole world so fucked up about sex anyway? Fuck it, I'm alive breathing, one day I'll have a big dick which will be ace, but I'm also going to spend some time living life for me so I actually dont care about it that much"

Imagine been able to say fuck it to any of your insecurities.
Literally just say fuck it and laugh about it, whenever you get that sickening feeling replace it with a good feeling and laugh about it. Then you'll laugh again because you've taken your biggest fear and got something enjoyable out of it, for yourself! wow!

What else can I do this with?

Look in the mirror and growl saying I'm hard I'm hard grrr ,I'm like Mr T I'm hard and I dont give a fuck! ( I would do this bit, I'm not trying to make you look stupid, I'm weird )

try it out.


Sep 5, 2005

All of my sympathy and support goes to you.

However lets puts things into perspective here. YOU are a VIRGIN, SHE is NOT. Why dont you give your gal a shocker as well and let her know the truth. The truth that she is screwed up, and if that she had half of the discipline that you have, and kept her virginity until marriage, then this would not be a problem at all "EVER," as long as she remains faithful.

You deserve much better. There are so many women in the world, many of whom would be happy with you and make you happy as well, and yet still even some that are virgins just like you, waiting faithfully for marriage to give the best of themselves to the right gent. This type of discipline and faithfulness should serve as a strong indicator of the future fidelity and potential longevity of your relationship. Measure this against a girl who selfishlessly boast about what she's had and what she needs and then dumps it all on you as if it is your sole responsibility.


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Jul 13, 2003
idk. i'm a firm believer that you "test drive the car before you buy it".
Jul 12, 2005
i'm with bigwish on this. i never say anything about this stuff. maybe because i feel outnumbered here and in the world in general or maybe because i don't want to have to think about it. i think part of it is a form of gluttony and that some people think or feel on a different level than others about sex and its purpose, consequences, value, etc.

kolimuddin, i don't know if your reason for being a virgin is only insecurity or other things too but you might want to reevaluate yourself, her, the situation and all the dynamics that are going on and try to be as honest with yourself as possible. is it possible you are putting undeserved value on this relationship and her because you are comfortable and don't want to go on more searches for what you really want because it seems too painful? feel like your options are limited?

i don't want to project myself on to you and your situation although i have my views so i can only comment based mainly on my perspective of things.

i read a lot of stuff on these forums that turn my stomach. one thing i read here in particular not too long ago that pissed me off was a post by some guy telling us that his girlfriend cheated on him but he took her back. he then said she told him that the guy she cheated on him with had a really huge dick but how she didn't like it because it was too huge and painful. what kind of bullshit is that? saying she didn't like is her way of covering her motive to say this shit pretensefuly and the rest is to impale his spirit. stupid bitch. now he doesn't know what to do and probably can't get the image out of his head of his "love" who he might think is the one for him to share his life with in companionship, choosing her over all others to spend the rest of his life with and who would bear his children, who in his mind might be the woman to share something special with him being used as a masturbation tool for some guy who is relieved of any consequence and walking away with a conniving, satisfied grin on his face and happening while she is with the guy who posted here, on top of it, leaving him demeaned and mocked to pick up the baggage. well there isn't shit special about that. my advice would have been to DROP THE BITCH.

it's easier for me to say being on the outside looking in rather than being on the inside looking out, going through his experience with all the variables involved and emotions, which i know from my own experience is not easy and i've strayed so far from my own ideals at times because every time, in whatever situation one may be in whatever it may be, one tends to bullshit oneself while drowning in intoxicating emotions that somehow "this person" or "insert whatever here" is just different. well, usually it isn't.

granted, you asked her about size, but with the answer she gave you ( and with what tact! ) and everything else you said about her it doesn't sound healthy to me. also, putting aside all that stuff about her being with somebody else, his dick, your dick and all that sexual stuff, having nothing to do with that, what else does that tell you about her as a person? what can you realize about yourself? you deserve to be honest with yourself.

if she were a person that did what she did but really had a change of heart, was not the same person anymore and could give you totally of her new self, that is one thing if you are willing to accept it. for you to pick up someone else's baggage is quite another. and it's not really about is she a good person or not or if what she did is wrong or not, but about how you are feeling. she said she didn't like what he did to her but then it sounds like she does in a way. she may be fixated and you're apparently fixated. this is not good. you are talking about what he did to her, but what about what she let be done to herself? you seem to be making excuses for her.

i don't think it will all be good in two years necessarily, as someone else put it. that implies that time heals everything but i'm not going to feed you cliched bullshit. wine can turn to vinegar too. other variables need to be set to their proper values or else it's a recipe for disaster. and YOU have to define those values. whether she's good for you or not is ultimately up to you. it doesn't matter what i feel or what anyone else here feels. what matters is what YOU feel. sexuality is not bad, it's GOOD, but you are more than just that and not a slave to impulse.

there is such a double standard i wouldn't advise you to buy into the bullshit. very few people ( possibly none ) don't generally have one but most these guys that want to get as many sluts as they can wouldn't marry one, and you can see the grin melt off their faces when they're told that all the stuff they say about all the "bitches they had" could have very likely been said by some other guy concerning their main girl they have right now, or when referring to their mother, sister or daughter. some may even laugh and blow it off with some half-wit remark or cover it up by getting aggressive as an excuse for honor because it's easier than facing themselves and it's a cover for the shock to their system when the moment of truth comes, and in my experience observing people that moment eventually comes in some form or another even if it takes being married for 20 years. but that doesn't take away blame from the women either. my feeling is that there really isn't as much of a difference between men and women as is taught and evolution, etc., is a big fat fucking excuse to make excuses. john gray must be from mars i don't know what the hell he's talking about. i'm from earth. so many excuses are made for women it's fantastic. women's intuition is exaggerated. if they were so intuitive they wouldn't make so many stupid choices. it's damn easy to be intuitive when men are so stupid to do sommersaults and every-damn-thing imaginable compromising what little integrity they have over common, generic, overstocked pussy.

it doesn't seem like you're ready for marriage. it's not your chronological age but your psychological age. insecurities and jealousy are not always bad necessarily and it would be a disservice to tell you that it's a sign that there's a problem with you when in fact, i've realized over time to stop believing the BS of those that want to attribute my maladies to some form of unhealth or personal abnormality to rationalize their own thoughts and behavior and hopefully you will too, it may be telling you there is a problem with the SITUATION. figure that out.

you asked about being a man. i've been reading up on alot of this lately and i've come across a lot of useful information to judge myself by but a small portion of any of the material is always reflective of the individual author's subjective bias for personal selfish agenda, which may or may not be a good thing but subjective nonetheless. you need to be honest with yourself but be selective and discard anything that doesn't suit you. some of the alpha-male traits are bullshit but what those are are for you to decide. i think it's good to seek help and learn from other people but you are a unique individual and you might want to think about what being a man is to YOU. taking away what doesn't jive with me and what little is actually male-specific the majority of what is left is, to me, capable of being broken down to high character, discipline and maturity. if there were anything created for the alpha-female it would be almost the same as alpha-male. it's about being an upstanding human being.

i searched long in the beginning for what a "real man" is. the first thing i finally found to really begin to put it into perspective for me after going through a lot of crap online is an article written about a biblical perspective on being a real man entitled The Mature Man: Biblical Perspectives on Being a Man in Our Time. if you don't believe in anything christian that is fine. this isn't necessarily about being born again or anything like that. you can believe it's all myth and false but it really doesn't matter. you may want to check it out and appreciate it it for its example and its usefulness as a model, if for nothing else.

everyone has flaws, weaknesses and insecurities. at times when things hit hard we can often feel like less of men. don't expect to be perfect. i'm still on the journey myself. we may fumble and stall, but never fall. it's okay to hit road bumps and be caught on the side of the road. to get hit hard and freeze in mourning or grief at times as long as we eventually start moving again and keep progressing. it's not about the stereotypes and superficial crap. it's not about physical strength and testosterone. it's not about being a male. it's about being a man.

when it comes down to your situation specifically, you probably wouldn't be as messed up over this dick thing with this other guy if you were where you desire to be as a real mature man. but if you were and assuming it didn't phase you i think you might question this relationship from the perspective of someone who has higher standards for himself and a mate, has more love for himself and wants quality. like attracts like and you both may be at a similar maturity level. you need to keep growing. otherwise there will be atrophy, you rot and you die.

a couple of points you should internalize:

1) A MAN PUTS HIS OWN NEEDS FIRST. that doesn't mean you don't care about others. that doesn't mean you use people under the guise of honesty, rationalizing your actions as some bogus virtue, uncontrollable biology or bad selfishness. some selfishness is good. but A MAN MAKES HIMSELF NUMBER ONE. these are not wants they are needs. if a man doesn't take care of himself first he will not be fit to take care of others.

2) REAL MEN HAVE THE WORD "NO" IN THEIR VOCABULARY AND KNOW WHEN TO USE IT. they think in the long term and not short term gratification and care, look after and have consideration for others and don't blame others for their faults who may have been in with them on some wrong doing and accept responsibilty for their own actions. they have the character to stand up for their principles and not go with the crowd because of not wanting to be put down and feel uncomfortable.



5) MEN DO NOT TRY TO FIX A WOMAN'S PROBLEMS. Penis EnlargementRIOD! it doesn't mean you don't care, you may even feel like you have to "SAVE HER" but you do not compromise your well being for it especially if it's a woman you haven't known long enough and she hasn't done much for YOU. and if she is deserving tread carefully and support her but don't fix her problems and STOP BEING SO DAMN NICE AND ACCEPTING OF EVERY LITTLE DAMN THING! no good deed goes unpunished and she will resent when you constantly bend over backwards for her. SHE NEEDS TO FIX HER OWN PROBLEMS, SO LET HER!

you can accept or not accept any or all of this. it's my take and i wish you the best.


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Mar 17, 2005
All you got was "It's so yummy!" and "I"m getting wet"? Shit, man!!! You've got it made. She'll probably give you a blow job that'll send you to nirvana!!!

Just remember!!! Smaller dicks get more blow jobs. Her words were such loving words!!! Don't make light of them.

Forget about the big dicked abuser!! He's the loser. Not you. You're going to be just fine!!!

And there's nothing like a good pair of lips and a tongue on that clitoris!!! The ability to give good oral sex beats a big cock any day.

Work on getting a bigger dick, but enjoy the whole process. You have so much going for you already!!!

Good luck!!


Jan 10, 2005
Kolimudden, be aware that she probably talking bullshit, so relax. Size is a great discussion issue among women and they usually all want to brag about the huge one they once seen or had. Very seldom are there numbers true and so what, we are all different, unique and perfect.

You are nineteen, young, and alots coming ahead in your life, so don't worry take a deep breath and relax.


May 28, 2005

you say you want to be the biggest she's ever had...because her ex-husband is bigger than you.

Do you want to beat her up more after you have sex with her? See where I'm going with this?

Screw that guy. If his cock was so damned important she never would've left him. Impress her by being YOU. Make her want you. Make her crave you. Keep working on your routine but do it for yourself. If she's the real deal you won't have to do another Penis Enlargement exercise ever again...get it?


Aug 30, 2005
Im sorry to hear your story man.

But is it just me? or does every girls ex seem to have a 8 inch cock?


Sep 19, 2005
girls over exaggerate size. Your dick isn't the important thing here. YOu gotta ask yourself do you love her? if the answer is yes does she love you? if the answer is yes to both then fuck everything else you've got each other. He's probably like a 6 incher do some Penis Enlargement gain an inch she'll be saying OH YOUR THE BIGGEST I'VE EVER HAD. LOL


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Sep 22, 2004
Hey my bro,

First off if you stay with her now, keep her ex. When i dated my ex the very THOUGHT that an ex of hers has bigger than drove me to nearly 8 inches. Combined with the much higher testosterone when having a woman in your life is an a-plus mental enviroment to turbo charge your pe efforts and growth. Just sod it off if she satarts to notice and say "well geuss im a late bloomer, at 20yrs old". Im now single and have hit a bit of a woobly cos im not sure if i give a crap anymore about my cock. But i know i will soon as the next walks in. So grow as much as you can using that worthless feeling and crude desire for more, that we all know so well - as pure jet fuel. Then you might break up, you might stay together. Either way afterwards you'll be left withan inch or two, and ripe looking future being the biggest your next has ever had. :) Alls good, the universe tends too unfold as it should.



Dec 4, 2003
Been there done that with gals with abusive ex-boyfriends/husbands. It may sound cruel but she is damaged goods and you need to move on.

She made her bed in the past with her abusive ex-boyfriend and now she wants to play the victim and make you feel insecure for being sloppy seconds.

You are young and you don't know what true love really is. Leave her before your life is in shambles.


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Dec 5, 2005
This is something else because this is one of the main reasons why i started Penis Enlargementing because my ex girlfriend thought that i was below average in size while other women didnt but when you are with someone and they tell you that you tend to take that more seriously than anything else.

While browsing through topics on this forum you learn alot more about Penis Enlargementing strategies and you will have more important reasons to do exercises than just pleasing your woman with size.

At times it is confusing to me because alot of girls that i know like for the Size to be Large but then all of them Cannot even handle a large size.

Anyways, good luck to Penis Enlargementing and so what if you are a Virgin it does not matter but you might want to tell her. She may treat you very special for still being a virgin but if you Do not want to tell her then basically when you two have sex and if you cum too early then just dont say anything be quiet and get it back up again :) .


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May 16, 2006
hey man I can totally relate to you. my story is as followed

I was a virgin until I was 20 when i met my soon to be wife in college. She and I started dating shortly after she broke up with her bf. I was always worried about my size because when I measured about 5 to 5.5 inchs. Before we started having sex I was worried cause her last bf was a black guy and you know what they say. all the shit use to mess with my head then on top of that I remembered hearing in a conversation that she believed that 8" was normal size for a guy (her ex bf was her first). Then also when we use to mess around and i would finger her I would be able to fit 4 fingers in her. The fact that she could take that many fingers and she was only with one other guy before me struck me as a shocker and played with my head. Then more problems came when we started to have sex the first time was a nightmare I came before I even got inside 3 times ( i never told her i was a virgin). after some more trys I was finally able to hold it and get in there. After we started having sex I still struggled with the thought that she might be thinking about her ex and how big he was I even asked her a few times and she would always tell me that she didn't remember or he wasn't big. So one day I told myself you know what your never going to be bigger then what you are the best thing I could do is give it to her so good that she totally forgets about anyone else. I have to say 5 years later I have completed my goal and my size is now 6.5 hard.

I have even gotten her to open up more and she has told me that with me sex is something that she want's with her ex she felt it was something she had to do as a GF. And that I have shown her how ejoyable sex can be and I have allowed her to discover herself sexually. While she still won't say who was bigger (and I believe he was) I know she enjoys it more with me.

I hope all this helps you in some way like I said I know how your feeling but just learn to work with what you got and you will be fine.


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Jul 15, 2003
A good relationship isn't based on the size of your dick. Penis size is an unessential point in a relationship, ultimately in sex too, especially if you're having sex with the person you love. It's just nice to have a big dick, nothing more...Just like having a muscular body is nice, nothing more.

So if you feel that you have a very good and deep relationship with the girl, and you really like her, and she really likes you, don't destroy it by worrying about your dick size. A love relationship is most of all a mental bond, remember that.

If you really feel that she isn't happy with your dick size, then leave her. Girls who are only interested about dick size will always find a bigger one. Girls that you have dated, date or that you will date, have mostly had other sex partners than you. Some of them have had smaller penises, some have had bigger penises. That's just how it is. Girls won't get married to the biggest dick they can find, they'll gonna marry the man they truly connect with.

I know penis size is a huge problem for many (insecure) men. But it shouldn't be. Like I said a big penis is nice, and Penis Enlargement is a nice hobby, just like weight lifting, or body building. But don't make your penis become the center of your world.
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