My sad life of Best Friends moving :(

Mar 17, 2004
damn. all the best friends Ive ever had have been taken away from me. not one single bf is still with me. I seriously think im doomed. Every since i was a young boy, one by one, they left. At first in elementary I had 2 REAL good friends, we were always together. Me, Animesh, and Kris. did everything together, and didnt hang out or do anything with anyone else. we lived in the same apartment complex too so we were real close. first animesh moved out into a house. it was just me and kris. then i guess somethin happened with his citizenship and he had to move back to the phillipines. i was alone.... after a few years (still elementary), i made 2 more pretty good friends(david and mike). just as we were becoming very great friends, one had to move about 100 miles away(david). Then we moved 50 miles away from mike. once again, i was left with no one. after 1.5 sad lonely years in my new house, i made this amazing friend RJ. we did everything together and we got along so great. hung out all the time. without this guy, i was nothing, and with him, i was always happy and everything would just be so great. it turned out RJ moved away from me too. another year had passed and i still wasnt over it. I had no good friends, just a whole bunch of people that i just talked to alitle bit and hwere just there... u know(thats how it always was for me... ima very popular guy and have lots of friends but none of them that i have that special bond with). after all that i get this friend, Ricky, whos pretty cool. it took quite a while but then we were really good friends. i was once again happy and had a new good best friend. I still wasnt really over how RJ left me though.... and this is where I am right now in life. Ricky is my best friend, and this friday(3 days from now), he is moving about 120 miles away from me. Im becoming really depressed and dont know wut to do once he leaves. its hard having one best friend right after another leave you. after about the 4th bf i lost i realized how i was doomed and now seeing this one leave me too right before my eyes and me realizing it was destined to happen before it even did is killing me. it feels good getting all this out right now... any comments would be appreciated
Mar 14, 2004
I miss my old friends too.
The only friends I ever had in life, I made in grade school. They are all gone now.....
I hope you make new friends. Maybe college, work, LOL, I'm sooo the wrong person to be giving advice on this. I'm a fucking recluse.
You'll get used to him being gone, if you have a large circle of friends, you'll forget him that much faster.
May 18, 2004
Yeah man, I cant stand to see honestly good people leave....

I had the same problem, a lot of my good freinds moved all through school, I just had to make more.....
But these days I can honestly say that I know and am sorta freinds with everybody, and know lots of people.....But about 90% of the people I know are fucked in the head, weird, dishonest.etc....It is hard to realize, over the years people become insane, I can say Im fucked in the head a bit, but I never do dishonest shit......Sorry man for rambling, but what Im trying to say is you should be glad you found some genuinly good people for a short time, because at this point in my life, I know a shitload of people, but I can only find a minimal amount of THAT kind....
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