My Routine

Oct 13, 2003
"My Routine"
I've known about Penis Enlargement for about 2 years but have been very skeptical. I did not become consistent with a routine until January. Here's what I do, tell me what you think.

5-10 minute warmup with light manual stretches and light jelqing.
20 minute BTC hang session with BIB starter.
10 minute manual stretch
15 minute jelq
20 minute constrictors: 10 minute with clamp, 10 minute manual
Hot shower

kegels throughout the day.

5 minute warmup.
20 minute BTC hang session with BIB starter.
10 minute manual stretch
20 minute SO hang session
20 minute girth routine: 5 min jelq, 10 min constrictor, 5 min jelq
Hang until it feels like a good work out
End with edging/jelqing

All this is done 6 on 1 off, depending on the State of the Unit. I have not taken any specific measurements, but I've noticed the unit gets harder and appears more vascular. My flacid varies so much, but it seems to retract less and looks plumper.

I just orderd the Ventless Tugger, I will incorporate that when it gets here. I wear the ROP 24/7. I just started testicle health routine and will be getting into a low hanging ball routine very soon.

Currently a lillte over 6 inches NBPenis EnlargementL and 4.5 erect girth. Looking forward to being 8X6.

I just want to say that you guys are an awesome group. The wealth of information on this site is amazing. Cheers!

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