My routine to get to 9" I am currently about 5" :)


I have been following DLD's Phase I aggressively for a bout a week now. I use a hot shower for warm up/ warm down.

I do 2 sets of all recommended exercise in the morning and at night. First week was between 2-500 Jelqing per session. I tried to increase it more and more. I have noticed that for the past week, my penis has been screaming at me...not uncomfortable pain but just to know that there's some tissue that's being torn up. I took measurement before the start of the routine a week ago and I will try to measure again in 1 month.

There is some problem though, because I will be in Bangkok (appropriately named) for about one month starting 30th of October-30th of November.

As you can see from the picture I do have a slight peyronies that I have to work on. I think that was caused by early preadolescent masturbation :blush: I am using DLD's peyronies program to correct it first before I try to get more length into my penis.

Please go to Picture Proof > BigKuai's first day eek! to view picture
Phase I is agreat break in cycle. I gained .5" in length and .25" length in a three week period doing it 6 on 1 0ff. I hope to reach 9" as you do, but I only have to gain 2". I know you can gain the 4" and more. Good luck.


Thanks for your support Xtreme

I just hope I can do it all in about a year or so. That's a break down of 1" every 3 month!!! Sounds feasible.:)


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Yep, I second that...BigKuai also you have a freindly yet positive personality that will do ya well in this...ya need to be like that to get anywhere with this.



Thank you to both! I am usually 100% behind everything that I do... And belive me...when it comes to stuff that involves sex...I am 110% behind it!

We are all's not how you start out...but it's how you finish!!!

2 sets penis is screaming... it's been a week...and it's been screaming all the time... is that normal to you guys?!

I can take the scream...but am I leaving enough time for healing?

Nookie :p oops! I mean BigKuai ;) hahaha

My real name is Kanok! So I normally get called Nookie :p

With that name... I am sure it's not going to be hard to locate me in Chicago now!!! :blush:

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