My ROP was too tight


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I'm just posting this as a suggestion for anyone that might find it useful. The tubing on my ROP was looking kind of like it had seen its better days and I decided to replace it. I wanted to experiment with a tighter fit and took a little size off the new tubing lengths. At first it felt great when I put it on, but it just kept slipping off throughout the day. Not off entirely, but just to the point where it wasn't holding my entire package at the base, but resting on my nuts. I think the round tubing just kept rolling when it would tighten up. Anyhow, I cut some tubing back to the originally length and it made the difference. At times, it fells just a little loose, as I suppose your package size varies a little, much like your flaccid size. However, I think it's the most ideal fit I could possibly cut.

Supra might weigh-in with something different. Anyhow, I like the ROP and wanted to post this in case anyone else found problems with tightening it up.
Yeah, changing your tubing once in a while is a must-do. Its a constant battle for correct tightness as well, like mine today has been fine for a week, then i wake up this morning and its like a clamp on my balls, which tells me i slipped too much tubing over the rods the last time I tightened her up.

The RoP is a cruel mistress, but we wouldnt have it any other way!

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