Damn if this isn't the most amazing device.

Took some shots during my first afternoon with the ring in place.

Ninety percent erection level here and I'm about to bust a nut.


Do you think that wearing it with the rods at top and bottom assits with the width? It sure seems to.

Also, has anyone else tried flexing/kegelling hard and watching the ring expand? This is an AMAZING workout. I imagine my base girth is gonna explode.




I'm still bewildered about this whole "Charge" or "tingle" or voltage thing. I dont feel anything.
i dont feel anything either.i thought i did the first night i tried it but i couldve just imagined that because of reading that alot of others did.im definitely noticing that it keeps the penis in a rather engorged state after p.e so thats a plus definitely.also flaccid size doesnt seem to get its smallest with this either.definite plus on those.


Supra said:
SWM Thats because we Greeks are Like the gods!
OF COURSE!! How silly of me! With our God-like nature we are less sensitive to mere earthly forces such as electrical current! rofl


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stillwantmore said:
OF COURSE!! How silly of me! With our God-like nature we are less sensitive to mere earthly forces such as electrical current! rofl

It is because we already have Zeus's lighting running through us. Not even a silly Ring of Power by the dark lord Sauron can triffle us
It may be that you're expecting too much. I don't feel a 'tingle' or 'charge' but a subtle buzz, almost a 'dermal vibration', if you will.

(Personally, I don't see how you have >>any<< feeling left in your cock after all that hanging !)

: )

No two men's bodies will react to this or any Penis Enlargement work in the same way. Different strokes. Maybe I'm just 'lucky' or maybe more susceptible to suggestion, but whatever, man, it works for me.

Precious, indeed.
By the way, I identify with two characters in LOTR: I look like Gollum (who must be a Penis Enlargement'er) but I have a liking for the halfling's leaf, just like Gandalf the Grey, which leads me on some interesting trips.

One ring to rule them all!
No, I don't think it weighs enough to affect the hang, and it isn't tight enough for this flaccid fullness to be strictly the result of constriction. When wearing it at highest erection level, I can flex or kegel and actually expand the thing, so that would indicate to me a fairly low-level clamp, right? That in itself, I gotta say, is a great exercise.

I'm not getting the feeling of a clamp and I like it this way, actually.

I'm wondering if the guys who are strecthing their sacs as well as their cocks (Supra?) aren't feeling this glow thing because their balls are so far away from the metals. If you'll notice, I've worked a lot on pulling my nuts tighter, into the body even, to counteract the aging effects of gravity (I'm fifty-one) as well as some ball stretching I did about five years ago.

I like high and tight. So for me, I'm getting my nuts pulled up ready to bust and they're right inside the ring practically. Like toucjhing the rod and tube. IT"S WILD!

I gotta try and shoot a pic, it's terrific.
Oh, and yeah, I've read a lot of the threads on this before I ordered my ROP and it was greatly educating. Supra's very first post on the subject really says it all.

Thanks again, you guys.
Hi DAVID...I had my ROP tighter than I do now and was very much like you in the pictures. I loosened it some and it seems to be better for me. I continue to have the tingling that I did originally. I think when it is tighter it responds more. I definitly see a difference in the color and consistency of the semen volume and texture. I do like to wear it with the rods top and bottom. It is comfortable for me both ways. Pictures were very helpful. Thanks. GS

Believe me, I don't walk around in that state. The ROP is loose enough that when I'm wearing it under my clothes or in a total flaccid state, I can easily stick a couple of fingers in and lift up the whole genital package, like the handle on a suitcase. I posted only pics taken in a high state of erection, cause I was edging like mad! Damn if the intensity of orgasm isn't upped considerably.

It does seem true that the harder my cock the stronger the feeling but even flaccid an occassional tingle will pass through.

I'll see in a couple of weeks how this all affecst the girth work. Now I'm getting interested in width.

Did you try expanding the ring by kegelling while erect?
Seven inch BPenis EnlargementL with the ROP. This is a cemented gain of half inch since beginning Penis Enlargement last year. Casual routine but consistent: 5 on/2 off. The ROP is still, after about five days, having good effects including a surprising increase in the size of my balls. I can't explain it. Second shot I'm already losing the mark. This is difficult.


Since February the ROP has been my only NPenis Enlargement device and I can't praise it highly enough. I wear it practically all the time, but for the past two weeks while trying to find the best replacement tubing. I think I found it from a scuba supplier.

I haven't measured, but my flaccid hang improvement has definitely been maintained. I hope its permanent.

New black latex tubing:


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